Reviews of Small Group Uzbekistan Tours 20178 Days | Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand

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Author: Kynie and Chris Evison   |   Rating: 520 October 2016
Wonderful! Appreciated the complimentary fruit and water in the hotels as well as transfers to and from the airoport.

Visited August 2016
Author: Anne   |   Rating: 520 October 2016
My own impression is that your country has a lot to offer, it is beautiful to travel with such good organization, I learned a lot!
As for me, it would have been nice to have 2-3 days of relaxation in between; only city tour is a bit exhausting.
Overall rating of guides is good. Akbar, in Tashkent, gave us an insight of his political opinion and enough information about the sights. Feruza in Samarkand knows a lot, good guide. In Bukhara, Barshorat started the tour with a lot of shopping recommendations and handicrafts. Shahodat in Shakhrisabz carried out a short tour, some information, she started with some local artists (who sell art).
Sergei, the guide in Termez, was excellent. He gave us a lot of information. The best tour.

Visited May 2016
Author: Marion Oke   |   Rating: 514 October 2016
The tour was very well-organized: excellent information, thoughtful itinerary, guides and drivers are very considerate, especially with my partner who had health difficulties (injured knee and stomach problems).

Visited September 2016
Author: Deborah Weis   |   Rating: 515 September 2016
Very friendly and professional staff. Everything worked as announced in the program; very well-organised. The choice of hotels was amazing (besides maybe of Tashkent) and the quality in general of the tour was very good, especially at that price (about 800 dollars).
The choices of places where we ate were great. A big thank to Kate, Zakhid and our drivers.

Visited August 2016
Author: Razia/Abbas   |   Rating: 422 July 2016
Uzbekistan is a must visit destination. People are very kind and helpful and the country has a nice culture and an interesting history. The tour was well-organised. Each place we could see was of pleasure. Hotels were good but need upgrading.
The tour leader Zokhid is very cooperative and well-knowledgeable about the history of each place.

Visited May 2016
Author: Wynoma de Faria   |   Rating: 516 July 2016
Very well-organized except disappointment with the hotel in Khiva. It was too modern and flashy.

Visited May 2016
Author: Samuel Joseph/Pooja Seth   |   Rating: 516 July 2016
Well-balanced between own time (free) and tour time.
The guide Zokhid was very knowledgeable.

Visited May 2016
Author: Preeti&Mavinken Sharats   |   Rating: 516 July 2016
Met all our expectations! The guides were very knowledgeable, helpful and gave us a very good local feel.

Visited July 2016
Author: Beth Losiewicz   |   Rating: 529 June 2016
It was awesome.
Jolol is the best guide I have ever had. Superlative.
The driver was excellent.
P.S. one member of our group was very obnoxious. Whatever he was offered, he wanted something different. He verbally attacked every member of the group at least once. He continuously made us all wait for him while his wife shopped. Then he complained that we didn`t keep the schedule. Our guide was infallibly kind and considerate even to this man.

Visited June 2016
Author: Susan   |   Rating: 525 June 2016
We were travelling independently as two couples (Australian and British). Mayra did a great job of making all the arrangements for us and Lemara of following through. They were both prompt in replying to emails, courteous and helpful.
Local guide Mirzabek in Tashkent was very knowledgeable and spoke fluent English. The tour was interesting and varied, we enjoyed it a lot.

Visited April 2016
Author: Tourists   |   Rating: 421 June 2016
Very well-organized overall. The sights chosen were all spectacular. We have an overdose of beauty
The level of English of the guides and most drivers was very good.
Guzal didn`t provide a lot of details.
Suzana is very good, knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
The pronunciation of Saodat was difficult to understand at times.
Timur is extremely knowledgeable + excellent command of English.

Visited April 2016
Author: Fred Conrad   |   Rating: 521 June 2016
Uzbekistan was so much more than I expected. The sites, that the tour leader Zokhid chose, made the time walking and being in the heat worth every minute.
He is the best tour guide I have ever had in my many travels.

Visited April 2016
Author: Nancy Dauber   |   Rating: 521 June 2016
It was exceptional! Everything was handled with a great deal of professionalism. We had a wonderful overview of your country in a short period of time. I loved taking the fast train and seeing the counryside.
The guide Zokhid was knowledgeable, well-spoken, patient, patient, patient.
His articulation and grasp of the nuances of American English was exceptional. He was accommodating and problem-solved to make sure all participants were satisfied.

Visited April 2016
Author: Madonna Roberts   |   Rating: 521 June 2016
Overall excellent. Delicious meals at every restaurant. Incredible sights. This was the best way to learn about Uzbekistan. I would love a return trip to learn more about this beautiful country.

Visited April 2016
Author: Nancy Carillo   |   Rating: 521 June 2016
This tour was wonderfully done. I enjoyed it tremendously. The sites were magnificent and the people were wonderful.

Visited April 2016
Author: Ragnhild Hoff Eek/Arild Eek   |   Rating: 520 June 2016
Good preparing/information before.
Well- orginized trip.
Fantastic sights and guiding.
Tour leader Zokhid was professional, calm, friendly and high-knowledgeable.

Visited May 2016
Author: Christopher   |   Rating: 503 May 2016
We packed a lot in to just one week! The tour was comfortable and easy-all the stress of organizing transport was taken away. I would recommend this tour to others. It was good value for money.

Visited March 2016
Author: Deborah Jacob   |   Rating: 506 October 2015
I had such a wonderful holiday, it was a pleasure to see such an
interesting and vibrant country.
The drivers, hotels and welcome of the Uzbek people were all fantastic.
We could not have asked for a better guide than Jamshid, he was so knowledgeable, patient and kind with our group!
He also threw me a very fun birthday party in Bukhara! :)
I really wanted to say thank you to you for also being so helpful and patient with me and my many questions prior to the trip, you were wonderful!
I hope to return to central Asia very soon!

Visited September 2015
Author: Andrew Marshall   |   Rating: 505 October 2015
Excellent tour, great value for money, well run and helpful staff. Fantastic hotels, treated very well. Would recommend to anyone who wants to go to Uzbekistan.

Visited October 2015
Author: Oliver Deobald   |   Rating: 515 August 2015
I loved the people, their hospitality, the great wealth of knowledge I brought home. The architecture of the cities and the reach history behind.
Everything was perfect.

Visited May 2015

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