Market Place, Baku

Market Place, BakuIn front of the tower there is an ancient market place surrounded by a colonnade and arches. The area lies 5 meters below the ground level - so thick is the centuries old cultural layer. Numerous souvenir shops sank underground. Today the area has been restored in full, the people can again enjoy the sight of columns and arches as well as … the most ancient gravestones and sarcophagi.

The matter is that during excavations the archeologists found the most ancient burial place all finds of which were placed on the market area. Arabian texts from the Koran and verses of such great poets as Sadi and Omar Khayyam can be read on their surfaces.

Until 1964 nothing had been known about the area or about the burial ground. Right above it were private residential buildings. During their demolition the bucket of an excavator hit a column so soon after this archeological excavations began