Tonqal, Baku

Address: 82, H. Aliyev st., Baku
Phone: +(994 12) 449-91-98
Cuisine: Azerbaijani and others
Working hours: 09:00-24:00
Popular dishes: kebabs, ayran

The Tonqal Restaurant is located behind a high fence. It is an oasis in the metropolis; there are a lot of trees and cobblestone walkways around small artificial waterfalls and ponds. At the entrance to the Restaurant there is a real tendir – a national clay oven to bake bread. The Restaurant is decorated in a traditional style; its atmosphere takes the guests in the past. Everything is arranged to imitate an Azerbaijani village, existed a few centuries ago.
At the entrance you will be offered a table in three variants: in the open air, in a glassed dining room or outdoor gazebo. The restaurant menu offers virtually a full range of national hot dishes and kebabs. Fish and poultry are served as separate dishes. You must try ayran - a traditional soft drink, which is wonderfully cooked there as the Tonqal guests think. You can finish the meal with tea and several kinds of jams or just a cup of espresso.

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