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Private Gabala Tours and Exclusive Trips

Gabala tours is a trip to the city with the history of 2000 years, where you will see ruins of the ancient city, chestnut woods, as well as, discover medieval attractions of the city and its surroundings. Take a tour from the offers below or request Gabala tour to your interests and enjoy exploring a unique spot on a touristic map of Azerbaijan.

Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour

Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour (everyday)

This is a full-day Gabala & Shamakhi Group Tour to the North Eastern part of Azerbaijan. Gabala, Azerbaijan's highest regional holiday city, is a series of flashy modern hotels and a flourishing ski resort scattered around the foothills of some beautiful, forested mountains.

Джума-мечеть, Шамахы, Габала, озеро Нохур, водопад Семь Красавиц, Туфандаг

Details1 Day | Everyday
US$ 64 per person