Tsisana Hotel
35, Arsen street, Tbilisi

In the guest house "Cisana" which is located in one of the most picturesque areas of Tbilisi, on Sacred mountain – Mtаcmindе.

Visitors have an opportunity to invite in the house their guests and partners where the cosiness will be guaranteed. You can choose the place you need – there are fine cosy chimney hall and   two drawing rooms in the hotel.

From the hotel you can see  the planted trees and shrubs terrace which opens a kind on a court yard full of colors, city Tbilisi and on Sacred David's mountain with an ancient cathedral. By the way, the fine kind on picturesque places of city can be contemplated from all rooms of a guest house. The guest house was already visited by visitors from more, than 56-th  countries of the world.

Services in rooms

In each bedroom there are TV, telephone, bathroom.
The room cost includes breakfast. 24 hours service

Hotel Facilities

- restaurant
- transfer
- guide’s and translator’s service

- meeting rooms
- 24 hours service


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