John Zedazeni Monastery near Telavi

In the picturesque Telani vicinities there stands John Zedazeni monastic complex. It was constructed in the 7 th - 8 th centuries next to the old fortress. The monastery was named in honor of monastery superior between 501 and 531. The monastery is building is a square structure made from cut stones and bricks. The length and width of the monastery – 13 х 13 m, its height is 10.7 meters. The entrance to the temple is situated on its southern side. The internal northern wall is decorated by pictures. The eastern part includes the altar with three windows above it. In the same part of the temple under the stone bed John Zedazeni was buried. Next to the monastery stands the church bell tower.

The spring near Zedazeni monastery is considered to be filled with holy water.

Zedazeni monastery, as well as the majority of other relics, suffered from Turkish aggressors in the 18 th century. The monastery was completely restored in the 19 th century.