Private Kapchagay Tours

Private Kapchagay Tours and Exclusive Weekend Trips

Kapchagay tours is a trip to a small city located on the banks of the Kapchagay water reserve, on the Ili River. Kapchagay is one of the largest water reserves in Kazakhstan. Today it is the most visited summer resort in the Almaty region: people go there for fishing, swimming and sunbathing. On the northern banks of the Kapchagay water reserve, you will find the national park "Altyn Emel" - the house of the unique natural phenomenon "Singing dune".

Tour to Tamgaly Rock Carvings

There is a worldwide famous archaeological complex Tamgaly in the territory of Kazakhstan. In 2004 it was entered in the list of the UNESCO World Social Heritage.

Tamgaly petroglyphs, Kapchagay reservoir
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