Kazakhstan pavilion for EXPO-2017 on a final stage

Category: EXPO-2017, Astana

EXPO-2017Kazakhstan has almost completed its Pavilion for EXPO-2017, reports the official website of the event. It is located on the ground floor of the Sphere Building with the total area of 5000 square meters. The sphere consists of 8 floors, its diameter is 120 meters and is built with usage of the most advanced “green” technologies.

Inside the pavilion, there is a museum of high technologies, museum of history and people of Kazakhstan. The pavilion is divided into two main zones: National zone where visitors will explore Kazakhstan and Creative Energy.

The National zone will present landscape, culture, history, achievements and future projects of the republic.

Creative Energy zone is full of the best projects of national scientists on the exhibition theme - Future Energy, initiatives of the Head of State in the sphere of energy and environment, as well as projects of “Green economy”. Apart from that, the second zone will present the model of Kazakhstan thermonuclear reactor Tokamak that will be located in the central part of the national zone.

The Sphere will place four thematic pavilions that will demonstrate exhibition themes: “Energy World”, “Future Energy”, “Energy for All”, and “My Future Energy”.

In addition, guests of the EXPO-2017 may enjoy the national cultural complex “Ethno-aul” with the area of 2,500 square meters where craftsmen, berkutchi, horse specialists will demonstrate their skills. There you will also find restaurants of national cuisine and various master-classes.