Over 600 cultural events to be held in Astana during EXPO-2017

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EXPO-2017: full list of cultural events has been confirmed The list of cultural events that will be held at the International Specialized Exhibition “EXPO-2017: Future Energy” in Astana has been published, reports Today.kz with the reference to the department of culture, archives and documentation of the city. The Ministry of Culture and Sport, National company “Astana EXPO-2017” and city akimat (mayor’s office) worked out the program of the events. From 10 June to 10 September, there will be in total 647 events held in the capital city; these are outdoor merrymaking, cultural performances, family entertainment, festivals, exhibitions, theatrical and circus shows.

Astana will hold the international summer cup of the popular Russian TV game for the first time with the participation of champions from the Top League – teams like “Azia mix”, “Kamizyaki”, “Pyatigorsk” and “Kazakhi”.

Apart from that, guests and residents of the capital will enjoy the Chinese show “Kungfu revelations” that has turned into a business card of the exhibition EXPO-2010 in Shanghai and is well recognized all around the world. Olympic Games champion Yevgeniy Plyushenko and other stars of the figure skating will perform on the ice stage of Baris Arena. Astana will also hold international music festival “Astana Dausy” with the participation of Kazakh and foreign pop stars. At the event, contributors to the development of music and art will be awarded.

During the entire EXPO-2017, parks “Stolichniy”, “Studencheskiy”, “Jeruaq”, “Prezidentskiy” and “Aray” will hold events under the title of “Seven wonders of the park”. There seven thematic programs with involvement of various cartoon and fairytale characters prepared. The show will be held twice a day. In total, there will be over thousands of entertainment events for kids and adults arranged in the parks.

Water-green boulevard will also turn into an exhibition pavilion under open sky where artists, designers, architects, musicians and directors from nine countries will hold the 3rd International festival “Astana Art Fest”. Visitors will enjoy an extended program including animators, street theatres, exhibitions, musical and dance shows and master-classes.

“Astana Game Fest” will be held in Astana for the first time. There will be international contests on computer games, presentations of new games, master-classes on robot technology, drones show and many others.

There will also be held an evening of traditional Kazakh music “Astanagha tartu”. The audience will witness the richness of Kazakh national folklore in performances of representatives of four traditional schools: “Zhetisu”, “Arqa”, “Syr” and “Batys”. Fans of Kazakh culture will enjoy the festival of orchestras of national instruments “Serper”.

On June 23 and 24, a festival of modern and ethnic music “The Spirit of Astana” will take place at the Bayterek monument square. 14 music bands from Africa, USA, Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, Buryatia and Tuva will perform.

On 15 July, the well-known festival-contest of songs “San-Remo stars” will be launched in Astana where famous singers from Italy will take part. For family entertainment, the 10th International festival of circus art “Echo of Asia” will be held. The youth will enjoy such events as festival of electronic music “Energy Party” and festival of street dance “International Street Dance Session in Astana”.

From 30 June to 2 September, concerts “Yesil keshteri” will be held every weekend on the square at the “Bayterek” monument, the city square and the park “Studencheskiy” in the format of open air disco.
On 25 June, there will be the third city tournament on duathlon where anyone over 18 can participate.
It is noted, that around 70 percent of entertainment programs and concerts will be held on open air grounds. On the days of official ceremonies of opening and closing of the EXPO-2017 exhibition, live direct translation in three regions of the city will be arranged – large LED screens will be installed on the square at the “Bayterek” monument, city square and park “Studencheskiy”.