The most visited EXPO-2017 pavilions are announced

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EXPO-2017The list of the most visited pavilions and the most popular objects of International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 has been announced for the first weeks since the opening, reports

The list of most visited pavilions include Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Azerbaijan, Africa, Egypt, China, Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Top visited objects are the following:

  • "Nur-Alem"
  • Commercial pavilions
  • Children's laboratory "Shell"
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Thematic pavilion C 3.5
  • Amphitheatre
  • Thematic pavilion C 2.4
  • Zone of creative energy
  • Corporate pavilion
  • Kids park

During the first 9 days 205 561 people visited the exhibition, in average 22840 people a day. As of 27 June, a total number of EXPO-2017 visitors is 425377 people.

It is to remind that the exhibition takes place in Astana from 10 June until 10 September.