MachExpo Kazakhstan 2020

Date: from 20-MAY-20 to 22-MAY-20
City: Nur-Sultan
Kazakhstan International Industrial Exhibition Machine Building, Machine-Tool Building and Automation

Venue: Korme EC
Official site:

About MachExpo Kazakhstan 2020:

From 20 to 22 May 2020 Kazakhstan International Industrial Exhibition Machine Building, Machine-Tool Building and Automation - MachExpo Kazakhstan 2020 will be held in Nur-Sultan.

MachExpo Kazakhstan is a professional event in the machine-building industry.

MachExpo Kazakhstan takes place at the one venue with the largest industrial events, such are Kazakhstan International "Energy, Electrical equipment and Machine building" Exhibition - Power Astana and Kazakhstan International "Nuclear Power Engineering and Industry" Exhibition - Kazatomexpo.

Undoubtedly, the holding of three specialized events at one time helps to attract the maximum amount of potential visitors annually, and the rich business program will introduce specialists to the latest equipment and technologies designed for different industries.

MachExpo Kazakhstan project is officially supported by the Ministry of industry and New Technologies and Engineering Union of Kazakhstan.

MachExpo Kazakhstan Exhibition will consolidate all machine building branches: labour-intensive, metal-intensive, and science-intensive and is intended for specialists engaged in mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, energy, transportation, agriculture, defence, machine building and allied industries.

The exhibition will display enterprises operating in heave, medium and precision machine building; production of metal products and slugs; machine-tool building, automation, repairs of machines and equipment.

The exhibition will familiarize specialists with state-of-the-art technologies and developments of modern machine building; auxiliary elements necessary within main technological production of machines, automation and process management systems.

An important dedicated section of MachExpo Kazakhstan is "Process Automation, Standardization and Information Support" because nowadays most facilities worldwide have switched to automated management systems, thus computer process control became an integral part of many enterprises.

MachExpo Kazakhstan Exhibition will represent, in its Process Automation, Standardization and Information Support Section, the best systems and technologies for computer-aided design and concurrent engineering in machine building, equipment diagnostics, selection and implementation of CADS, CAMS and ICS, Automatic systems of developing control programs and Communication systems in machine building.

Exhibition Sections:

Heavy Machine Building

  • Carrying and lifting machine building (carrying and lifting machines, hoisting cranes, lifts, elevators and skylifts, stream-flow transportation machines, conveyors, etc.)
  • Railway machine building
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aircraft industry
  • Rocket and space industry
  • Power plant engineering
  • Construction and utility machine building
  • Agriculture machine building
  • Oil and gas machine building
  • Chemical machine building
  • Wood and paper machine building

Medium Machine Building

  • Automotive industry
  • Tractor industry
  • Machine-tool building
  • Robotics technology
  • Tool-making industry
  • Light industry equipment
  • Food-processing industry equipment
  • Household appliance and machine industry

Precision Machine Building

  • Instrument making
  • Radio engineering and electronics manufacturing industry
  • Electrical engineering industry

Process Automation, Standardisation and Information Support

  • Control and measurement instrumentation and quality control systems
  • Automated design and production management systems, software Components and materials, research and development, computer technology
  • Computer-aided design and concurrent engineering in machine building
  • Automated process and production control systems
  • Specialised software and databases for machines, equipment and mechanical facilities
  • Computerised equipment testing and diagnostics systems
  • Automatic systems of developing control programmes, technological and informational support to consumers
  • Communication systems in machine building

Welding Equipment, Technologies and Materials

Occupational Safety and Health