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Tours to Manas Ordo will introduce you one of the most well-known monuments of Kyrgyzstan. This mausoleum, built from the baked bricks, is 11 m high. It is decorated with ornaments and inscriptions in arabic and the top is crowned by a pointed dome. Altough Manas Ordo is not big in size, it has a majestic view. It is considered one of the greatest national properties of the Kyrgyz culture and definitely worth visiting it.

One day tour to Manas Ordo, Kyrgyzstan

Manas Ordo Tour

Manas Ordo Tour. According to one of the legends, the Gumbez was built by son of Manas Semetey, who transferred there body of father, killed by enemies in Akhyrtash.

Talas, Manas Ordo

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