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“The best hotel!”Aman (Kazakhstan)
Отзыв от 28 Августа 2014

I was lucky to visit this hotel during my voluntary work in August,2013. The hotel itself offers a lot of things that really makes your stay there GREAT and COMFORTABLE.You are offered a big variety of food and beverages. There,you can find any dish you like:national food, for example, baursak,shelpek,and also western/eastern food like French meat, spicy salads,etc.The separate attention should be given to the personnel who are always benevolent,and ready to help you anytime you are addressing them.The view from the hotel is absolutely breathtaking! From the last floor a FASCINATING/MARVELLOUS/AMUSING view is available to you! The left bank,the old town,the Ishym River:all of them like on your palm :)))) I strongly recommend you to stay at this hotel,and SUPER time is guaranteed to you!

Дата поездки: Сентябрь 2013, тип поездки: деловая