Drinks, Russian cuisine

Traditional Drinks in Russia

KvassAlmost all Russian national drinks are original and are not repeated in any other national cuisine. Sbiten, kvass, mead, and mors are among them. Many of them are not produced nowadays.


Sbiten was drunk instead of tea. It was made from honey and spices and consumed hot in winter.


The oldest beverages are meads - strong alcohol drinks made of berry juice, large quantity of honey and vodka.


Mors is a slightly fermented drink prepared on the basis of berry juice mixed with water in various proportions.


The most popoular were varoius types of kvass. To make it you need to prepare a leaven of water, flour and malt and then to dilute it with water and add some yeast, sugar and other flavors and aromatic additives (berry or fruit juices) for further fermentation.


VodkaVodka has been the main alcoholic drink for the Russians since the 15th century. It is made from grain and purified spring water. It is thought that the father of Russian vodka was a great chemist Dmitri Mendeleev, who proved that vodka should be 40 degrees strong. This ensures the homogeneity of the drink leaving no burns and producing the greatest amount of body heat. Traditionally, vodka is drunk chilled and followed by a bite of caviar, pickles, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, spicy or fatty meals.