Ethnic Tourism

We invite everyone who wants to become better acquainted with Russian folk culture to make an ethnic trip around Russia. Do you want to see Russia as a beauty in a traditional Russian dress and headdress that'll welcome you with round bread on an embroidered towel, a traditional folk round dance and a song? If yes, then you will like the rich heritage of the Russian people reflected in their traditions, rituals, everyday life and work. For centuries, Russia have carefully preserved its wealth, and today we have an incredible opportunity to visit wonderful places, which, despite the hectic pace of modern life, have preserved Russian national colors. You will see the unique Russian architecture - wooden huts and temples, created without a single nail, get acquainted with the work of local craftsmen: painted clay toys, handmade articles made of wood and bark, popular prints, and of course, matroshka dolls - a symbol of Russia. You will appreciate the beauty of Russian costumes, exotic folklore, and picturesque ceremonies...Such experience is worth even the longest journey. So, shall we go?