Altai in Depth Tour 202112 Days | Barnaul, Biysk, Polevodka, Srostki, Manzherok, Sky-Blue Katun, Chemal, Lake Teletskoye, enclosure for marals, Belokurikha, Solonovka, Soloneshnoye, Iskra, Karakol, Chibit

Altai in Depth Tour 2021

Group size: min. 2 people. No age limit. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by adults
Holiday "Blooming of Maralnik". Maralnik is a mountain rose, or Ledum, or Altai cherry tree, Rhododendron Ledeburii - the plant has many names. It is a symbol of coming spring. When sakura blossoms in Japan, the slopes of the Altai mountains are covered with lilac carpet of a mountain rhododendron. Fotostops are planned exactly in those places where this miracle of nature is best presented, so that photographers have an excellent opportunity to take unique photographs of blooming mountains. Sky Blue Katun: in the autumn the water of the mountain river Katun becomes unusually turquoise in color with golden mountains on background. Greenish sandstone and clear water without impurities and sediment with mainly spring feed causes this unique phenomenon.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1, We: Barnaul – Srostki – Manzherok
Meeting in Barnaul. Transfer Barnaul – Srostki (210 km), a birthplace of Vasily Shukshin, the famous writer, actor and film director (15 km). Visit to the Shukshin Memorial Museum - Reserve. The museum consists of 3 buildings: the house-museum of Shukshin’s mother, the building of the former school where he studied and the house where the writer spent his childhood. Visit to the mountain Picket, where the annual festival "Shukshin's Readings" is held. Transfer Srostki - Manzherok (100 km). Manzherok is the name of a village, a lake with relict nuts chilim and a ski complex. Accommodation. Ascent by a chair-lift to the Mount Sinyukha (optional at extra cost). Dinner.
Day 2, Th: Manzherok – Chemal – Askat – Barangol – Manzherok
Breakfast. Excursion to Chemal (90 km), Chemal Hydro-Electric Power Station and Patmos Island are one of the most beautiful places in the Altai Mountains. The only way to the island is through the suspension bridge that connects rocks of the island with the rocks on the Katun river bank. There are a restored church commemorating St. John the Evangelist and the monastic cell of St. Makary Altaisky behind which you can see the rock with the indented image of Holy Mother. There is also a priory located opposite the island. Another place of interest in Chemal is the Chemal Hydro-Electric Power Station. Walking there you can also see the sources of "live" and "dead" water nearby. Lunch. Depending on the weather – either a trip to Che-Chkysh mountain area or an excursion to the Museum-Estate of Choros-Gurkin in Anos village. Che-Chkysh is a rocky canyon with waterfalls, which is located in the valley of Mountain Spirits. From this place the visitors can observe a magnificent panorama of the Katun river (30 km). The Museum Estate of Choros-Gurkin includes a house and a workshop of the artist and ethnographer, the learner of Shishkin, the author of the famous paintings - "Khan Altai", "Lake of Mountain Spirits", "Crown of the Katun". These painting reproductions can be found in the museum. Visit to the Village of masters in Askat, acquaintance with the works of local artists and artisans. Transfer Askat - Barangol (25 km). Optional: rafting/motor rafting down the Katun river (at extra cost) with a visit to Kamyshlinsky waterfall - the left inflow of the Katun river. The waterfall consists of two cascades with the height of 12 m. Transfer Barangol - Manzherok (40 km). Dinner.
Day 3, Fr: Manzherok – Sky-Blue Katun – Teletskoye Lake
Breakfast. Excursion to Sky-Blue Katun (40 km) - the largest tourist center, with an artificial lake for swimming and fishing, restaurants, hotels, ski slopes, extreme entertainment park, an art gallery, caves and an apiary. Visit to the Tavdinsky Caves (entrance ticket). The Tavdinsky Caves are a mountain ridge, consisting of a large number of caves (about 30) of karst origin. The length of rocks with caves is about 5 km. The entrances to the caves are in steep cliffs, most of which are easily accessible thanks to the wooden steps and lightning. Excursion to the apiary, tasting of Altaian honey, sleeping on bee hives. Transfer Sky Blue Katun - Lake Teletskoye (200 km), the biggest lake in Altai and one of the biggest lakes in Russia. The maximal depth of the lake is 330 meters. The official name of the lake – Teletskoe – came from the name of Altai tribe – Teleuts – who lived here years ago. However local people called the lake Altyn-Kol, which means “Golden lake”. Many rivers and streams flow into the lake, but only one river – Biya - flows out. Accommodation. Dinner.
Day 4, Sa: Teletskoye Lake
Breakfast. Tour around the lake with a stop at Korbu Waterfall, which is situated at the foothill of the Korbu Range on the territory of the Altai Nature Biosphere Reserve. Waterfall is 12,5 m high (visitor’s tax). Seeing Kishte Waterfall. Walking tour to the Tretya River (depends on the weather). Optional: rafting down the Biya river (extra cost), visit to the Ethno Park in Artybash village and tasting the national cuisine (extra cost). Dinner.
Day 5, Su: Teletskoye Lake – Gorno-Altaisk – Kaimskoye – Belokurikha
Breakfast. Transfer Teletskoye lake - Gorno-Altaisk (180 km). Visit to the National Museum of the Altai Republic named after Anokhin (entrance ticket). The Museum has large ethnographic collections of Altaian indigenous people and also displays the unique artifact – the mummy of Princess of Ukok. Transfer Gorno-Altaisk - Kaimskoye enclosure for marals (40 km). Getting acquainted with marals breeding. Marals are known for the miraculous properties of their horns (also called pants – nonossified antlers). A bath made with the water extracts of boiled antlers is a health-improving procedure. Pants are a complex of substances created by nature that has huge biostimulating power. Taking such bath and consuming other products made of pants' extract raises body's energy, improves blood circulation, supports anagenesis and accelerates the recovery of muscular tissue after physical exertion as well as slows down the aging process. Positive effect comes after 4-6 baths. Transfer Kaimskoye - Belokurikha (120 km). It is famous for its healing air and radon-enriched springs. Accommodation. Dinner.
Day 6, Mo: Belokurikha
Breakfast. Sightseeing tour including a trip to Belokurikha-2 (30 km, serpentine road). Taking a chair lift to the top of Tserkovka Mountain, where you can observe a beautiful panorama of the town (optional at extra cost). Free time, souvenir shopping. Dinner. Visit to the Water World wellness center with a swimming pool with water attractions (hydromassage, aeromassage plateau, cascade showers, geysers, countercurrents, fast and slow river areas), children's area, aqua aerobics, SPA, hammam, Roman thermae, Finnish and Russian saunas (optional at extra cost - from 1000 rub/person).
Day 7, Tu: Belokurikha – Solonovka – Soloneshnoye – Iskra
Transfer Belokurikha - Solonovka (50 km). Visit to a private goat farm and cheese factory, where more than 20 varieties of cheese are produced from goat and cow's milk, as well as Altaian sweets. If you wish, you can buy cheeses you liked. Transfer Solonovka - Soloneshnoye (65 km). Excursion to the Soloneshensky Local History Museum (entrance ticket), which presents the detailed history of the archaeological site "Denisova Cave", the culture of the Russian (Old Believers) and the Altai peoples. Transfer Soloneshnoye - Iskra (20 km). Accommodation in a tourist complex, near the enclosure for marals. Dinner. Optional: pants' bath taking. Pants' (nonossified antlers of marals) bath is a healing procedure where an aqueous extract from the boiled pants is used (at additional charge from 1200 rub./person).
Day 8, We: Iskra – Denisova Cave – Chibit
Breakfast. Transfer Iskra - Denisova Cave (35 km) - the unique archeological site acknowledged worldwide, it is the place where the fossil finger of an ancient human was found. This ancient human (the Denisov man) belongs to a peculiar branch of evolution, different from Neanderthal and modern people. Transfer Denisova cave - Chibit (350 km) through the pass Keleisky (1313 m), Yabogansky (1492 m) along the Bashchelak Ridge through the Ust-Kansk hollow towards the famous Chuysky tract. Further along the Chuysky tract, up the Katun and Chuya rivers to the Kuraiskaya Steppe. The history of the traсt stretches back through centuries, when it was a pack road, a branch of the Great Silk Road, a "Chinese path". The Chuysky tract is included in the TOP-10 of the best roads in the world according to National Geographic. On the way we cross one of the biggest passes - Chike-Taman Pass (1460 m), which in Altaian language means ‘Straight foot’. The pass has been known since 10th century. Now it is an abrupt serpentine road with the view point on the top. From 1996 the pass has got a status of the natural monument of the Altai Republic. Accommodation in a tourist complex. Dinner.
Day 9, Th: Chibit
Breakfast. Excursion to Kyzyl-Chin, which tourists called Mars (80+80 km). On the way – photostop near North-Chuysky Range. Walking along the Martian mountains and the canyons of the Kyzyl-Chin Stream. The multi-colored clays on the surface create the sensation of another planet. Excursion to Geyser Lake - the unique one, rare in its beauty and cleanness. It does not freeze even in winter. It always looks like an "Earth eye" of an amazing turquoise color. On the mirror of the lake, you can see the streaks of round and oval shape, which are essentially a reflection of the processes occurring at the bottom of the lake, where the "geysers" spring to life, throwing out a mixture of bluish clay and sand. Dinner.
Day 10, Fr: Chibit – Karakol – Uch-Enmek – Nijnyaya Katun
Breakfast. Transfer Chibit - Karakol (170 km). We make a stop at Kalbak-Tash mountain area and see the petroglyphic drawings (about 500 complexes, more than 5 thousands pictures). They had been made during the period from the New Stone Age. Visit to the Chui-Oozy Natural Park, possibility to test Altaian traditional cuisine (optional at extra cost - kaan - blood sausage, kurut - cheese, boorsaki). Photostop in the Northern part of geopark "Altai", Chui-Oozy - the confluence of the biggest Altai rivers Chuya and Katun. Transfer to Nijnyaya Katun district. Dinner.
Day 11, Sa: Nijnyaya Katun
Breakfast. Easy trekking to the rock “Finger of Devil”. The road is quite easy and you do not need any special skills. According to the believes of locals, the mountain helps to people who can’t have a baby. It very important to catch right moon phase and you will definitely get the wished.
In addition you will enjoy picturesque view from the top of the mountain.
After lunch for the extra fee you may:
  • Have a motor-rafting down the Katun river and see Kamishlinskiy waterfall ( 800 rub. Per person).
  • Have a rafting down lower-Katun.
In the evening you will visit the Altai craft center to have traditional tea. Folk show in the center is included national instruments playing and deep-throat singing. Dinner.
Day 12, Su: Nijnyaya Katun – Biysk – Barnaul
Transfer Nijnyaya Katun- Biysk (130 km), the town which was built in 18th century under the decree of Peter I. Now Biysk has the status of Science City and is the main gate to the Altai Mountains. We will take a walking tour with the stops at the historical and cultural monument - Eparch Yard, Museum of the History of the Altai Spiritual Mission (entrance ticket). Founded in 2008, the museum has a collection of over 10,000 exhibits. Among them is Oktoikh, one of the first printed books in Russia. Published in Moscow in 1618, this book is considered to be the oldest exhibit of the museum. Transfer to Barnaul (180 km). Walking tour "Old Barnaul" including visit to Nagorny Park, where you can see a panoramic view of the city, river Ob banking, museum and restaurant "Gornaya Apteka". End of the program by 20:00 p.m.

The Agency reserves the right to change the schedule with no changes in the volume of service provided. The duration of individual elements of tour program may change on the eve of departure and during the course of the tour. In case of the bad weather and climate conditions and due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (road, local administration services, etc.), the elements of the tour program can be excluded, based on the actual situation on the route.
Attention! In case the tourist is being late or does not appear at a scheduled time and a place for the group gathering, the Agency is not responsible for the full implementation of the schedule and no costs of this tour day are refunded. Attention! When visiting active monasteries and temples, women should avoid wearing trousers and shorts. A headdress is required.
Recommended clothing: A set of outfits for leisure and travel, a windproof and waterproof jacket, a warm sweater, two pairs of comfortable shoes, lightweight slippers for hotels, sun protection (cream, glasses, headdress), personal hygiene items.
Important information:
Attention! There may be ticks and snakes in those areas where the tour will be carried out. So we strongly recommend to observe safety measures and to ensure anti-tick protection. We recommend you to have tickicide repellents (creams, sprays), however there were no incidents of tourists catch tick-borne encephalitis in the last years in our company.




Lower Katun

GLK "Manzherok" (en suit), "Pechki-Lavochki", "Solnechnaya" or equivalent

Lake Teletskoye

Tourist complex "Altyn-Kol" (en suit), hotel "Gornoye Ozero", "Istok", "Artybash"


Hotels "Neo", "Orion", "Blagodat" (en suit)

Soloneshensky rajon

Enclosure for marals "Iskra" (shared facilities on each floor)

Ongdaysky rajon

Tourist complex "Uch-Enmek" (shared bathroom on each floor)

Ulagansky rajon

Tourist complex "Kochevnik" (en suit)

  • Transport services from Barnaul during the whole tour on a comfortable bus;
  • Accommodation in DBL/TRPL room: standard room with private facilities (shower, WC), in the highlands – rooms with shared facilities on each floor;
  • HB;
  • Excursions according to the programme;
  • Insurance;
  • Guide.
  • Resort fee in Belokurikha (50 rub/person/day);
  • Museum entrance tickets (150-350 rub/person);
  • Recreation fee (100-150 rub/person);
  • Chair lift tickets (450-500 rub/person);
  • Water World entrance ticket (from 1000 rub/person);
  • Russian sauna (from 800 rub/hour);
  • Additional food (lunch);
  • Additional excursions (from 500 rub/person);
  • Private expenses.

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