Altai Rafting Group Tour 20226 Days | Barnaul, Belokurikha, Solonovka, Soloneshnoye, Topolnoe, Chibit, Chagan-Uzun, Karakol, Biysk

Altai Rafting Group Tour 2022

Group size: min. 2 people
Altai Rafting Group Tour is packed with aquatic adventures on the rivers, lakes and waterfalls of Russia’s gorgeous Altai Mountains. In between rafting excursions on the Katun River you will have opportunities for fishing, therapeutic thermal baths, camping, cave exploration and even a visit to Kyzyl-Chin red cliffs, better known as Mars for their extraterrestrial terrain. Tours of museums, a fortress, petroglyphs and ethnographic complexes add cultural depth to the Altai Rafting Group Tour, which is perfect for curious travelers.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1, Tu: Barnaul - Belokurikha – Solonovka – Soloneshnoe – Topolnoe
Meeting in Barnaul: airport, railway station, hotels of the city (upon confirming). Departure from Barnaul at 9-00 (local time) to begin Altai Rafting Group Tour. Transfer Barnaul – Belokurikha (240 km). The resort is known for its healing air and thermal springs. Meeting in Belokurikha at 13-00 at the hotel «Blagodat» (upon confirming, in case of arrival at the airport of Gorno-Altaysk transfer Gorno-Altaisk –Belokurikha is paid additionally). Transfer Belokurikha – Solonovka (40 km) – a village founded by Old – Believers and Russian back–settlers, known as a point of attraction for paragliders and a private cheese factory. Lunch in Kerzhak traditions «Cuisine of Old-Believers».
Transfer Solonovka – Soloneshnoe (65 km). Excursion to the Soloneshensky Local Lore Museum (entrance ticket, extra charge), which presents a detailed history of the archaeological site «Denisova Cave». Also, in the museum you will be told about unique Russians – Siberian Old – Believers, their culture and history of resettlement to Altai, way of life, traditional clothes and dishes.
Transfer Soloneshnoe – Topolnoe (25 km). Accommodation in an enclosure for marals. Dinner. Altaian maral is a shy, cautious, majestic animal from the deer family. Antlers – not ossified deer horns – a complex of substances created by nature itself with a huge biostimulating force. One of the most effective methods of antlertherapy are antler baths – this is a wellness procedure with the use of an aqueous extract from boiled maral antlers. The use of antler baths, as well as antler products, increases the energy of the body, improves blood flow, promotes tissue regeneration, especially accelerates the restoration of muscle tissue after its damage as a result of physical exertion, and also slows down the aging process. A positive effect is observed no earlier than after 4 – 6 baths (the cost of taking a bath is from 1200 rub./person – extra charge).
On foot – 3 km, auto – 365 km
Day 2, We: Topolnoe – Denisova cave – Karakol
Breakfast. Transfer Topolnoe – Denisova cave (35 km). Excursion to Denisova Cave – an archaeological object of world importance. A fossil phalanx of a finger was found here, that belonged to an ancient human that represents a special branch in evolution (Denisovets) and differs from Neanderthals and modern human. You can not only see the cave from the inside, but also observe the work of archaeologists who excavate here in the summer. You will be amazed by the hard work of the researchers, and how the ground, extracted from the excavation, is transported down by the cable car. This is how great discoveries are made! And, perhaps, you will become a witness of sensational finds!
Transfer Denisova Cave – Karakol (150 km) through the pass Keleisky (1313 m), Yabogansky (1492 m) along the Bashchelak Ridge through the Ust-Kan hollow towards the famous Chuysky tract. Accommodation in the Karakol natural park «Uch-Enmek» – a specially protected area in the vicinity of the sacred mountain Uch-Enmek, where the lush, green meadows of the Karakol valley smoothly turn into a shaggy mountain forest. Walk to the symbolic monument to the gopher, where you will find out why this particular animal is so revered here. Photosets of Altaian sunsets «The sun in the palms of the mountains». Dinner.
On foot – 5 km, auto – 190 km
Day 3, Th: Karakol – Chagan-Uzun - Kyzyl-Chin – Geyser Lake - Karakol
Breakfast. Transfer Karak – Chagan-Uzun (250 km). Excursion along the Chuisky tract up the Katun and Chuya rivers to the Kuraiskaya steppe. The history of the tract stretches back through centuries. Once it was a path that only horses and people could walk. This exact road was a branch of the Great Silk Road. Now Chuisky tract is included in the TOP–10 most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic.
On the way we overcome one of the largest passes Chike-Taman (1460 m) – a picturesque one with a serpentine road, it has been known since the X century. Translated from Altaian language it means «Narrow foot». Driving up you will enjoy the impressive serpentine bends, and on the flat and long summit you will have a magnificent panorama of valleys and mountains. Photostop with the Chuyskiy Alps on the background – glacial massifs of the North-Chuyskiy ridge.
Excursion to Kyzyl-Chin, known as «Altaian Mars» – these are steep canyons, the color of which throughout the valley varies from pale yellow to deep burgundy. The emergence of multi-colored clays on the surface creates the feeling of another planet. It is here where you will get the brightest photos of Altai. Transfer Kyzyl-Chin – Geyser Lake (80 km).
Excursion to Geyser Lake – a beautiful and clean lake, that does not freeze even in winter. It can be compared to an «Earth eye» or a blue-green portal to another world. In the water you can see rounded streaks, which are only a reflection of the processes that take place at the bottom of the lake. It is there the «geysers» come to life, throwing a mixture of bluish clay and sand onto the surface. Return to the tourist complex (180 km). On the way back, we will visit the Kalbak-Tash boundary, where you will not only see, but also get in touch with history itself, with the most ancient petroglyphs. About 500 compositions with more than 5 thousand drawings from the Neolithic to the Turkic era are located on the banks of the river Chuya. Dinner.
Visit to the historical and cultural complex of Chui-Oozy, where you can taste the dishes of the Altaian local cuisine: kaan – nomadic sausage, kurut – cheese (translated from Turkic as «dry»), boorsok – a traditional dessert of nomadic cattle herders (optional, extra charge). Photostop at the confluence of the rivers Chuya and Katun: the creamy waters of Chuya and the turquoise of Katun, before mixing «go hand in hand» together. In the outlines of the mountain, towering over the confluence of rivers, you can see the head of the warrior and his horse.
On foot – 5 km, auto – 500 km
Day 4, Fr: Karakol
Breakfast. Excursion (40 km) to the Karakol natural park «Uch-Enmek». You will see numerous petroglyphs, ancient burial mounds and megalithic complexes. A local guide will tell you about the mystical phenomena that geophysicists have observed here and about the unique finds that have been discovered here by archaeologists from all over Russia. This excursion along the valley will immerse you in Altaian culture and its cosmogony.
Transfer to the starting point of rafting tour (25 km) – outflow of the Bolshoi Yaloman river. Accommodation in tents, dinner – field kitchen. Preparing boats for rafting. Fitting personal equipment: life vests, wet suits and helmets. Safety orientation and guidance on actions on the water.
On foot – 3 km, auto – 65 km
Day 5, Sa: Karakol - Katun river - Ursula river - Lower Katun
Breakfast – field kitchen. Rafting down the Katun river, passing the rapid «Ilgumensky» (3-4 category of complexity), «Kadrinskaya Truba» (3-4 cc). Lunch – snacks. Passing the rapid «Shabash» (5-4 cc) with safeguarding. Transfer outflow of Ursula river – Lower Katun (170 km). Accommodation. Dinner.
On foot – 3 km, auto – 170 km
Day 6, Su: Lower Katun – Biysk – Barnaul
Breakfast. Transfer Lower Katun – Biysk – Barnaul (230 km). Biysk is a city built under the decree of Peter The Great. Now Biysk has the status of a Science City, known for progressive inventions, and merchant business of the 18th – 19th centuries. Biysk also played a leading role in the sphere of Orthodoxy in Altai. Here you will see the Uspensky cathedral church in the traditional Russian-Byzantine style and an atmospheric street with merchant architecture.
City-tour around the old city of Barnaul, during which you will learn about a mountain city in which there are no mountains, about world progressive inventions, about Europeans, who arrived to Barnaul and turned into Russians. You will hear legends hidden in the historic streets. The end of the excursion will be a visit to the Museum «Gornaya Apteka», where you will learn the most effective methods of herbal treatment in the XVIII – XXI centuries.
Gornaya Apteka is also a restaurant and a shop of souvenirs and gifts from Altai. Here you can find not only authentic handicrafts made by craftsmen on wood, metal, painting, but also products for health and beauty based on Altaian herbs, exclusive gift sets, teas, balms so called Altaian «goodies». The end of Altai Rafting Group Tour at 20.00 (local time).
On foot – 3 km, auto – 310 km




Soloneshensky district

Enclosure for marals «Iskra», enclosure for marals «Lesnaya Skazka»

Ongudaysky district

Tourist complex «Uch-Enmek»

Lower Katun area

Yurt camping «Altayskoe Kochevye», «Manzherok», complex «Altai-rest», hotel «Solnechnaya»

Attention! Twin beds are not guaranteed. Triple occupancy – by request.

  • Transport services from Barnaul during the whole tour on a comfortable bus;
  • Accommodation in DBL room in hotels and tourist complexes: standard room with private facilities (shower, WC), in the highlands – rooms with shared facilities on each floor, H/B;
  • Excursions according to the program;
  • Insurance;
  • Guide.
  • Entrance tickets (150 – 400 RUR/person);
  • Recreation fee (100 RUR/person);
  • Russian sauna (from 500 RUR/hour);
  • Additional food (lunch);
  • Additional excursions (from 500 RUR/person);
  • Private expenses.

Note: The Company reserves the right to change the schedule without changing the scope of services provided.
The duration of the individual elements of tour program may change on the eve of departure and during the course of the tour. Elements of the tour program that depend on weather and climatic conditions and actions of services and organizations (road, local administration, etc.), which are beyond the control of the organizer, can be excluded from the program, based on the real situation on the route.
Attention! In case tourists are late or fail to show up at the meeting place of the group at the scheduled time, the Company is not responsible for the full implementation of the program and the cost of this excursion day will not be refunded. Recommended flights on the Moscow – Barnaul route: S7 (S72601) – estimated arrival time – 06:55, Pobeda (DP-6531) – estimated arrival time 05:00.
When visiting active monasteries and temples, women should avoid wearing trousers and shorts. A headdress is required.
Pensioners, beneficiaries! Do not forget your pension certificate and other proof of your benefits!
In order to strengthen the control of measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID – 19) and its prevention at crowded tourist sites, it is necessary to have personal respiratory protection with you. Moreover, be aware that some of the objects in the Altai region suspend the admission of visitors until a certain order.
Recommended clothing: waterproof jacket; windbreaker or raincoat; two trousers – tight and light; a jacket made of thick fleece or a warm woolen sweater; light sweater or jacket; shorts; cotton t-shirts; headdress; sunglasses and cream; thermal underwear; hiking shoes – hiking boots or sneakers made of thick material; light shoes – sneakers or sandals; rafting shoes – light sneakers or neoprene slippers; socks; swimsuit; slippers for bath and home; personal hygiene items and a first aid kit.
Important information:
Despite the fact that in recent years there have been NO cases of tick – borne encephalitis among tourists, the Altai region is an area where ticks and snakes are found. Please observe safety measures and anti – tick protection and have tickicide repellents (ointments, gels) with you.

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