Following 40 Thousand Steps of Altai Nomads Tour6 Days | Gorno-Altaysk, Turquoise Katun, village Katun, Chui-Oozi, Karakol

Following 40 Thousand Steps of Altai Nomads Tour

Altai will meet you with pristine nature, centuries-old traditions, rich history. Following 40 Thousand Steps of Altai Nomads Tour is a journey through time. Through a special way of life filled with energy and the power of nature, through the heritage of nomads and adventures, you touch the ancient and sacred. Conceptual accommodation, a combination of comfort and authenticity, immersion in the ancient culture of nomadic civilization. Buy local souvenirs: komus, glucophone, tambourine, sheep skin or felt products. Enjoy the dishes of Altai nomads: khurut (dried cheese), sweets from talkan (barley flour), arak (strong alcoholic drink), Altai tea and boorsoki - delicate donuts served with Altai honey.
To live in an unusual place - a yurt, to search in your historical memory through feelings and emotions for traces of a nomadic civilization, to reflect on nomadic history, global problems of displacement of peoples, mixing of races on Following 40 Thousand Steps of Altai Nomads Tour.

Children from 12 to 18 years old accompanied by adults.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1, Su: Gorno-Altaysk – Turquoise Katun
Meeting in Gorno-Altaysk: airport, bus station; Barnaul (by negotiation). Transfer Gorno-Altaysk – Turquoise Katun (45 km). Accommodation in the “Altai Nomad” yurt camping, a place where you can immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of nomadic culture, while maintaining a modern lifestyle. Yurt camping "Altai Nomad" is a combination of comfort and authenticity.
We believe that every person strives for unity with nature – the power that gave him life. We will introduce you to the spirit of nomads, help you explore the experience of your ancestors, while preserving the atmosphere of a modern, comfortable stay surrounded by clean air and the Altai mountains.
Welcome speech with the usual coffee in an unusual Altai setting, as well as herbal taiga or sea buckthorn tea. Lunch. Rest.
Tour of the largest tourism center "Turquoise Katun". We will walk along the eco-trail, visit several landscapes at once: alpine meadows, mixed forests, meadow areas and mountainous terrain. You will also see the ancient Ichthyander grotto, unique red book plants, breathe in the healing air of the mountains and pine forest.
The end of the tour will be a visit to the Tavdinsky caves – this is a landmark place of Altai, where we will dive into the study of the Ancestral Trail, visit six caves, grottos and arched vaults. (1.5 hours, 2 km). We will continue our walk to the observation deck to the majestic monument of N.K. Roerich, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the picturesque Katun River, tirelessly bubbling with its turquoise waves.
Supper. The ritual "Altai fairy tale for the night: Your predictions", in a close atmosphere around the campfire, we will share and predict what will be waiting for us on this journey, we will consolidate the effect with the rite of feeding the fire.
On foot - 3 km, by car - 135 km
Day 2, Mo: Turquoise Katun – Gorno-Altaysk – Aysky Bridge – Turquoise Katun
Breakfast. Transfer Turquoise Katun – Gorno-Altaysk (45 km). Ethno-program "Altai Ail". Acquaintance with the Altaians' dwelling, their national clothes, traditions and unique rituals. Entertaining Turkic stories will immerse us in the life, ethnicity and gastronomy of this people. From the observation deck on Mount Tugaya, make some selfie with a view of the cozy capital of the Altai Republic, the city of Gorno-Altaysk.
Transfer Gorno-Altaysk - pedestrian Aysky Bridge - a symbolic border crossing from the Altai Republic to the Altai Territory. A walk along the bridge on the left bank of the Katun River. It is here that we will perform the ritual of purification, say goodbye to problems and move on to a new stage of the journey, perhaps for someone it will be the next facet or the "Altai" page of the life path. Lunch - lunch box.
We will take a walk to the rock "Devil's finger", which got its name due to a steep stone ledge resembling a finger. We climb the trail, from the observation point of which a majestic panorama of the mountains, the valley of the Katun River and Lake Aya opens.
Transfer Aya - Turquoise Katun (35 km). Dinner in the style of a gastro-travel party. An evening interactive program where you can:
  • participate in a unifying culinary master class in the style of the Altai tradition "choi-choi";
  • take a horse ride through the picturesque area near the campsite;
  • see how you can put up a yurt in 30 minutes and help with this.
On foot - 7 km, by car - 105 km
Day 3, Tu: Turquoise Katun – Chuisky Tract – Chui-Oozi – Karakol
Breakfast. A full-day tour of the famous Chuisky Tract (250 km). The history of the tract goes back centuries. Once it was a path that only horses, and people could walk along. This particular road was a branch of the Great Silk Road. Now the Chuisky tract is among the TOP 10 most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic.
On the way we overcome two passes – Seminsky (1717 m) and Chike-Taman. Chike-Taman (1460 m) is a picturesque pass with a serpentine road, which has been known since the 10th century, translated from Altai this place means "Narrow foot". Climbing up, you can enjoy the impressive curves of the serpentine, and after overcoming it, a magnificent panorama of the mountains opens from the observation deck at the top.
On the way we will visit the famous Inin stone steles. All of them have been standing motionless for thousands of years, and their faces are mysteriously turned to the north, as if they are protecting someone's peace.
Photo stop in a sacred place - Chui-Oozi. Two rivers merge here: the creamy waters of the Chuya and the turquoise Katuni, which, before mixing, "go" hand in hand together. In the outlines of the mountain, towering over the confluence of the rivers, you can see the head of the hero and his horse.
We visit the Kalbak-Tash tract, where we can not only see, but also come into contact with history itself, with ancient petroglyphs. About 500 compositions with more than 5 thousand drawings from the Neolithic to the Turkic era are located on the right bank of the Chui River, which is already familiar to us. Visit the historical and cultural complex "Chui-Oozi", where you can taste dishes of Altai local cuisine: kaan - sausage of nomads, kurut (translated from Turkic "dry") - salty cheese, boorsaki - a traditional dessert of nomadic pastoralists. Lunch - lunch box. Let's fix the WOW effect of the excursion with the ritual "Listening to silence" in a "secret" energy place. Transfer Chui-Oozi – Karakol (100 km).
Accommodation in the hotel of the Karakol Nature Park "Uch-Enmek" - a specially protected area in the vicinity of the sacred mountain Uch-Enmek, where juicy, green valleys smoothly turn into a shaggy mountain forest. Supper.
Optional: walk to the symbolic gopher monument, where you will find out why this particular animal is so revered here. Photosets of Altai sunsets "The sun in the palms of the mountains".
On foot - 3 km, by car - 350 km
Day 4, We: Karakol – Ust-Sema – Rafting on Katun River
Breakfast. Transfer Karakol – Ust-Sema (130 km). We will immerse ourselves in the life of neo-nomads and make rafting along the Katun River with a visit to the Kamyshlinsky waterfall. Everyone knows that one in the field is not a warrior, and we have been a real friendly team for a long time. Let's try ourselves on purposefulness and team spirit, make rafting on Katun with a visit to Kamyshlinsky waterfall.
It is the alloy that will allow you to get closer to another element - water. Rafting on this part of Katun is interesting not so much for extreme lovers as for those who want to see the nature and the shores of Katun from an unusual angle. Kamyshlinsky waterfall will surprise even the sophisticated: two cascades break the water into a million small splashes hitting the ground with a characteristic roar. Not only the reservoir itself is attractive, but also the nature surrounding it. In the vicinity of the waterfall you can see rocks composed of quartzite, limestone, crystalline shale and porphyrite, as well as lush vegetation that changes color every season. Lunch - lunch box. Transfer to the yurt camping "Altai nomad" (10 km), accommodation.
Optional: collection of medicinal herbs near the campsite.
Conceptual dinner "Cuisine of Altai nomads" with tasting of local dishes and folklore program. With the help of kaichi melodies (unique throat singing) You will immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere, get to know national legends better, learn how to play national musical instruments (komus, topshuur), and, perhaps, become a performer of the improvised Altai orchestra.
On foot - 7 km, by car - 140 km
Day 5, Th: Katun River
Breakfast. Free time.
Optional (for an additional fee payment): swimming on the Turquoise Katun Lake, relaxing or fishing on the pond in the yurt camping area, walking along the eco-trail overlooking the Katun River. Photo shoot at the farmer's zoo "Shooting fuzzies". Try to "catch" unique shots with animals: spotted deer, goats, rabbits, sarlik, fox, wild boars, pigeons and ostriches.
Lunch - lunch box. Excursion to the apiary, where you can not only taste, but also buy the famous Altai honey, propolis, mead, honeycomb, perga, royal jelly and other bee products. It is also here that you can try relaxing sleep on the hives, which will fill you with strength and health. Closing your eyes, you will feel the monotonous vibration of a swarm of bees, the soothing buzz of bees, the smell of honey, honeycombs and something else subtly pleasant. Meditative relaxation.
Dinner and "Evening tea in Altai": sitting on a soft mutton skin, you can taste both the fragrant traditional tea of nomads with talkan, and fresh, recently harvested herbal tea, and the tea party will be accompanied by a story about the cult of juniper - Altai heather - and the beliefs associated with it.
The end of the evening will be the ritual "Altai fairy tale for the night: the transformation of neo-nomads", which is already familiar to us.
On foot - 3 km, by car - 0 km
Day 6, Fr: Katun River – Gorno-Altaysk
Breakfast. Transfer to the airport (45 km). Departure.
On foot - 2 km, by car - 45 km
  • Travel from Gorno-Altaysk by a comfortable bus;
  • 2-3-bed camping accommodation: standard rooms with amenities (shower, WC);
  • meals - breakfast (buffet), lunch (lunch box) and dinner (buffet);
  • author's ethno-culinary events; rafting, horseback riding, excursions and activities according to the program;
  • folklore program with throat singing;
  • insurance;
  • guide services.
  • Entrance tickets to the mini-zoo, to the beach (150-800 rubles/ person);
  • recreational fees (100 rubles /person).;
  • souvenirs and personal expenses.




Turquoise Katun

Yurt camping "Altai Nomad"

Karakol Nature Park

Uch-Enmek tourist complex

Triple accommodation - by agreement.

Additional tour options:
1. 2-4 days - Altai Mars, Aktru, Ukok (by car or on regular flights Gorno-Altaysk - Kosh-Agach).
2. 2-4 days – Chulyshman, Teletskoye lake, Stone mushrooms, Uchar (by car or on registered flights by helicopter).
3. 2-6 days - Belukha, Uymon Valley, Multin Lakes (by car or on regular flights Gorno-Altaysk - Kosh-Agach).
4. 2 or more days - relaxation in Belokurikha (by car).
5. 2-4 days - Altai Mars, Aktru, Ukok (by car or on regular flights Gorno-Altaysk - Kosh-Agach).
6. 2-4 days – Chulyshman, Teletskoye lake, Stone mushrooms, Uchar (by car or on registered flights by helicopter).
7. 2-6 days - Belukha, Uymon Valley, Multin Lakes (by car or on regular flights Gorno-Altaysk - Kosh-Agach).
8. 2 or more days - relaxation in Belokurikha (car) - from 1000 rubles / person.
9. 2 or more days - pantotherapy in maralnik (car) - from 3000 rubles/ person.

The Company reserves the right to change the program without changing the scope of services provided.
The duration of its individual elements may change on the eve of departure and during the tour. Elements of the program that depend on weather and climatic conditions and actions of services and organizations beyond the control of the organizer (road, local administration, etc.) can be excluded from the program based on the real situation on the route.

If tourists are late or do not show up at the meeting place of the group at the specified time, the company is not responsible for the implementation of the program in full and the cost of this excursion day is not reimbursed. Recommended flights on the route Moscow - Gorno-Altaysk: SU 1524, S7 2629, DP 473, DP 6551, SE 565.
When visiting active monasteries and temples, women are not recommended to enter the territory in trousers, shorts, or without a headdress.
Pensioners, beneficiaries! Don't forget your pension certificates and other documents confirming your benefits!
In order to strengthen the control of measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and its prevention, it is necessary to have personal respiratory protection equipment with you at tourist sites, as well as some facilities in the Altai region suspend the admission of visitors until a certain order.

A tourist's suitcase:
A set of comfortable clothes for recreation, a windproof and waterproof jacket, a warm sweater, two pairs of comfortable shoes, light slippers (slates) for hotels, sun protection (cream, glasses, headdress), personal hygiene items, individual medicines. For alloy: sneakers (light, possibly getting wet), a jacket (light waterproof), a hat for the weather (cap-hat-bandana or cap), a waterproof phone case (if you plan to take pictures).

Important information:
Despite the fact that there have been no cases of tick-borne encephalitis among tourists in recent years, the Altai region is an area where ticks and snakes are found. Please observe safety and anti-tick protection measures and carry anti-tick repellents (ointments, gels).

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