One day tour - Nizhegorodskaya fair

Tour: Nizhegorodskaya fair

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During this guided city tour, you will visit the Nizhegorodskaya fair. This fair was greatly important in local and foreign trade, as well as the development of the State. The Nizhegorodskaya fair has been the most important fair in Russia since 1552. In 1751 Emperor Alexander II delayed the reconstruction of his own state residence and sent 6,000,000 gold rubles for the construction of new stone exhibition halls instead of the original wooden ones. This fact speaks of the great importance of the Nizhegorodskaya fair in the life of country.The fair consisted of the Shopping arcade complex (60 buildings) and other 40 stone buildings for different purposes. Three sides of the fair were surrounded by the unique horseshoe-shaped canal (100 m wide), which joined the Mischerskoye lake and Pyrsky canal. The Spasky Cathedral is one of the few buildings, preserved until today. It is built on an artificial peninsula. The fair’s development resulted in rapid construction of fun centers, theatres and circuses. Nicolas Ostrovsky, a famous Russian playwright, attended the Nizhegorodskaya fair in 1845 and highly appreciated its theatre.
Today, the Nizhegorodskaya fair is a modern exhibition complex, including six pavilions, five conference halls, heraldic hall, bank, hotel, restaurant, café, casino and shopping mall.
St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was raised in 1880. The Cathedral is a monumental construction with five octahedral hipped roofs, the central one rises to a height of 72.5 m. The Cathedral décor combines elements of different architect styles.
You will visit the fair’s pavilions, admire the picturesque junction of the Oka and Volga Rivers, visit the Museum of the famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky and sail down the Volga River.
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