One day tour - Alexandrov - Petushki

Tour: Alexandrov - Petushki

The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.
Visit the Alexandrov Kremlin, a unique palace-church architectural complex, the second largest Kremlin in Russia after the Moscow Kremlin.
The Trinity Cathedral is the main building of the complex. It was built for the Tsar’s court in 1513. There is a combination of early 14th century Moscovite architecture and Italian 15th century ornamentation. The Cathedral is decorated with a white-stone fretwork and frescos (16th century). The large 14th century copper gates, which had been carried away by Ivan the Terrible from Novgorod and Tver, are located by the Cathedral.
You will visit the strikingly beautiful 16th century Uspensky Cathedral with its vast vault, where the treasuries of Basil the III and Ivan the Terrible were once located.
The tented-roof of the Pokrovsky Church is located near to the Uspensky Cathedral. There is a unique fresco painting on the inner surface of the tented-roof, which was made by the order of Ivan the Terrible himself. It is only known anecdotally painted tented-roof of 16th century in Russia, and depicts Russian dukes, martyrs and Old Testament prophets.
The Crucifixion church-bell-tower (16th century) dominates the architectural complex. There are some dwellings by the bell-tower where the Empress Elisabeth of Russia spent her banishment.
Visit the Alexandrova Sloboda museum where you will see its medieval expositions.
Visit the Pervushin museum estate, a unique memorial of Classical architecture, where an exposition reconstructs Russian family life of the 19th century. There is a park located by the estate.
Transfer to Petushki village (i.e. “cockerels” in Russian). You will visit the Rooster Museum, designed as a fairy-like, medieval Russian village where there is the Rooster Tsarsdom exposition, with a large collection of paintings, graphics and items of applied arts, which all depict roosters.
Transfer back.