One-day Tour - Sights and Museums1 Day | St John Churches, Museum of Finift, the “Hors” Gallery of Artistic Enamel, House of Useful Arts

One-day Tour - Sights and Museums

Tour itinerary:

The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.
During this city tour you will get acquainted with the downtown and see the downtown memorials.
Then you will be able to enjoy the concert of chime of the Holy Resurrection and St John Churches.
Visit the Museum of Finift at the Rostovskaya Manufacture.
The “art of fiery painting” has been known in Russia since the 17th century. In the Rostov Finift (the Rostov enamel) exhibition there are examples of items produced here during all the 250 years of its production,
Church plates and the items of noblemen's life were decorating with the finift.
The Rostov Finift is one of the top 10 of the best traditional Russian hand-made products. The Museum of Finift is unique among Russian museums.
Visit the “Hors” Gallery of Artistic Enamel.
The Gallery is the only one in Russia where regular exhibitions of enamel art from all over the world take place. The Gallery is located on the shore of Nero Lake.
Visit the House of Useful Arts.
The House of Useful Arts was opened in 2007 in Rostov. Here you will have opportunity to see how the unique artistic items are made and purchase some if you want.
28 August: the feast day of Rostov
August 28th is the feast day of Rostov. The “Rostovsky Souvenir” fair opens annually this time. You will get an impression of the joyful songs, dances, jokes, performances and competitions. You will have the opportunity to see and purchase such artistic items as finift (the Rostov enamel), the Rostov chernoloschenaya ceramics (the unique Rostov type of ceramics), forged souvenirs, painting, drawings, handmade lace, wickerworks, fretworks, birch bark souvenirs and so on. The Masters will conduct the master classes.
Then you will sail the Nero Lake by motor boat. The Lake is unique due to the presence of natural antibiotics, biostimulants and vitamins (D, B1 and B2). These items have been actively used in agriculture.
Then you will enjoy a picnic with a folklore show on Christmas Island.

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