One day tour - Alexandrov - Yuryev-Polsky

Tour: Alexandrov - Yuryev-Polsky

The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.
You will do sightseeing around Alexandrov.
Visit the Alexandrova Sloboda memorial museum, which is located within the Alexandrov Kremlin.
Alexandrova Sloboda was a residence of Moscow sovereigns. In 1513 a majestic palace-church architectural complex, similar to the one in Moscow, was constructed here.
Visit the Uspensky Cathedral (16th – 17th centuries), which was a domestic church of the Tsarinas. Earlier the treasuries of Basil the 3rd and Ivan the Terrible were kept in the Cathedral’s cellar. According to a legend there also was a “tunnel”, where one was able to ride on a troika, (i.e. carriage-and-three horses), and leave the residence in secret.
Visit the Trinity Cathedral (1513 A.D.) which was the main church within the Tsar’s residence. A good number of important events in Russian history took place here.
The Cathedral is decorated with a white-stone fretwork. In the interior there is fresco paintings (16th century) depicted throughout the walls and arches.
There is an exhibition of war trophies of Ivan the Terrible within the Cathedral portals. Among them are: the copper-plated Tver gates (14th century) and the Novgorodian gates (copper-plated oak, painted with gold), which since 1336 up to 1570 decorated the Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod.
You will see the Crucifixion and the Uspenskaya Churches, regarded as masterpieces of old-Russian architecture.
Visit the palace of Ivan the Terrible, Pokrovsky Cathedral and the refectory of Ivan the Terrible.
Transfer to the town of Yuryev-Polsky. The town was founded by Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy in 1152 at the very junction of Koloksha and Gzy Rivers. In 1212 the town became the capital of the Yuryev-Polsky principality. In 1238, 1382 and 1408 a number of Mongolian invasions destroyed the town. In the middle of the 14th century Yuryev-Polsky lost its independence and was annexed by Moscow.
In the 17th century Yuryev-Polsky entered into the period of its golden age: commercial roads eastward from Moscow stretched through the town.
Visit the St George Cathedral, which is the main landmark of the town, built by the order of Prince Svyatoslav.
Visit the St Michele the Archangel Cloister, founded in 13th century, although only constructions from the 17th and 18th century are preserved.
Transfer back.