Uglich sights

Uglich sightsThe most interesting attractions of Uglich, a small provincial town, can be fully explored just in two days, but what will be seen, will certainly sear into the traveler’s memory. Like every ancient city, Uglich can boast several functional temples and monasteries, among them are Alexis Monastery and Monastery of Holy Resurrection. The must-see points of Uglich tour include the Uglich Kremlin, three-tent Wondrous Assumption Church, Church of St John the Baptist, red-painted Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood and Chamber, where Tsarevich Dmitry lived with his mother and servants. To dilute the awe caused by severe images of the temples and monasteries will help a visit to the museums, which are as many as eleven in small Uglich. The most famous among them is the Museum of Myths and Superstitions of the Russian people, which collected under one roof all evil spirits, known from fairy tales and legends, not real, of course, but quite plausibly molded out of wax in full size by skilled worker Daria Chuzhaya. The quiet streets of Uglich, its idyllic landscapes, still functional fire tower in the city center, old manors and wooden houses with carved architraves will not leave the traveler indifferent.

Uglich sights Uglich sights Uglich sights

Uglich attractions – the city of the romantics and lovers of mysteries

Uglich Kremlin

The Kremlin, as it is common for all old Russian cities, is one of the Uglich most important and revered attractions. The Uglich Kremlin stands on a high bank of the Volga. In ancient times, surrounded by water, the Kremlin was inaccessible. It occupied a smaller area compared to that of today’s one (nowadays the territory of the Kremlin runs up to Nikolsky Bridge). Read More

Princely Chamber

The Princely Chamber, found in the Uglich Kremlin territory, is known primarily as residence of Tsarevich Dmitry, killed in 1591, the last from the Rurik dynasty, the heir of Ivan the Terrible. Before the tragic events the Princely Chamber as the name itself implies, was home to many notable persons. Read More

Transfiguration Cathedral

The five-domed Transfiguration Cathedral rises predominate over Uglich, impersonating its whole rich history, a generational change and moods of the times. This main Uglich temple is an absolute dominance in the city’s architectural image, an important pilgrim place for the Christians. For some time, the temple kept tsarevich Dmitry’s remains which were later brought to Moscow. Read More

Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood

The Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood is part of the Uglich Kremlin. Distinctive for the end of the XVII century, this pillarless, five-domed church with a refectory strikes with extraordinarily rich decoration of facades, standing out among other Uglich churches with red walls, snow-white platbands and bright blue domes. Read More

Museum of Myths and Superstitions of the Russian People

One of the most popular museums, where lifelike wax figures of Baba Yaga , a vampire, ghoul, goblin, hobgoblin and many other characters from Russian folk tales, collected under one roof is found on a quiet Uglich street in an old wooden house. This Museum of Myths and Superstitions of the Russian People was set up by the Golunovs, wife and husband, who had moved to Uglich from St. Petersburg. Read More