One day tour - Acquaintance with Novgorod

Tour: Acquaintance with Novgorod, Request

The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.
During this city-tour you will go sightseeing around the city. Visit the Novgorod Kremlin, located in historic Novgorod, of which the foundation was laid by Duke Yaroslav the Wise himself; it is the most ancient citadel in Russia, first mentioned in chronicle of 1044 AD.
It will take 30 minutes to walk round the Kremlin (the walls are 1350 м long and 4 m thick). There are preserved 9 towers of the original 12. The Kokuy tower is the highest one (41 м tall). The Towers, turned into view points in our days, have beautiful view across the city and its suburbs: the Ilmen Lake, the Volkhov River and some picturesque islands.
Visit “the Novgorod and Novgorodian Land History, from ancient times up to the 17th century “exposition”, where displays include ancient implements, domestic utensils, handicrafts, weapons and birch bark documents, taking visitors into the world of Ancient Russia.
Visit “the Russian Icons, from the 11th to the 19th centuries” exposition, which is one of the largest expositions of Russian icons in the world (includes 260 ancient exhibits).
Visit “the Golden treasury of Novgorod” exposition, where there are examples of the jeweller's art from the 6th up to 19th centuries from the funds of the Novgorod museum reserve.
There are 200 exhibits in the applied and jeweller's arts exhibition. All the exhibits from the sacristies of local monasteries and Churches. The masterpieces amongst them, include the 13th century “zions”, (i.e. the treasuries for “prosphoras”, the Orthodox Christian sacramental bread, the analogue of the Catholic “host”) from the St Sophia Cathedral.
Visit “the Old Russian Wood carving” exposition. Wood carving was one of the most popular Novgorodian handicrafts. These masterpieces became the exhibits of one of the best of the museum’s expositions, including unusual and rare sculptural images of saints.
Visit the Yaroslav's Court, which was the political and economic centre of Novgorod from 11th up to 15th centuries.
You will go sightseeing in Vitoslavlitsy village, an architectural and nature resort of Old Russian architecture, covering 30 ha, with visits to theold forge, izbas (traditional Russian dwellings), equipped with items of peasant life, implements and a threshing-floor.
You will also visit “the people art of Novgorod land exhibition”, located in the estate of the former countess Orlov-Chesmensky (19th century). A short concert of belling at the St Nicolas bell-tower (17th century).
Transfer back.