One day tour - From Novgorod to Valday

Tour: From Novgorod to Valday, Request

The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel and bring you back.
Transfer to the town of Valday, and visit to the Iversky Monastery, founded by Patriarch Nikon in 1653. The Panagia Portaitissa (a miracleworking icon of Virgin Mary), brought from Mount Athos in 1656, is located in the Uspensky Cathedral.
Visit the Bell museum, situated in St Catherine Church, an 18th century architectural memorial.
Visit the Sheading Town museum, in the 2-story estate of 19th century.
Visit the Valdaysky National park. The park was given the status of an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2004. The objects of natural heritage such as Borovno, Valdayskoye, Uzhin, Velie and Seliger Lakes are the main places of interest, that attract tourists here.
An excursion to the Novgorod Kremlin, with a visit to the St Sophia Cathedral (1045-1050), which is the oldest Church in Russia.
Visit the “Millennium of Russia” (a monument, erected in 1862)– sometimes called “an encyclopedia of Russian history”.
Visit the exposition “the Russian Icons from 11th up to 19th centuries” in the Novgorod State Museum (one of the largest collections of Russian icons in the world, with about 260 displays).
Visit the Zolotaya Cladovaya (“golden storeroom”) exposition, with exhibits from fund of
the Novgorod United State Museum Reserve.
There are 200 exhibits in the applied and jeweller's arts exhibition. All the exhibits from the sacristies of local monasteries and Churches. The masterpieces amongst them, include the 13th century “zions”, (i.e. the treasuries for “prosphoras”, the Orthodox Christian sacramental bread, the analogue of the Catholic “host”) from the St Sophia Cathedral.
Visit Yaroslav's Court, the political and economical centre of Novgorod from the 11th up to the 15th century.
Transfer back.