One day tour - An open-air museum of Veliky Novgorod

Tour: An open-air museum of Veliky Novgorod, Request

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More than 50 memorials of Old Russian architecture (from 11th up to 17th century), have become a part of the city’s structure.
Sightseeing of the Novgorod Kremlin, with a visit to the Coqouy Tower (from Dutch “coqe” – “behold”) a view point, 41 m high, overlooking historic Novgorod, Ilmen Lake, Volkhov river and numerous islands.
Some medieval legends about underground tunnels (from the Kremlin to the Yuriev monastery and the house of Martha the Mayoress, the last ruler of the Novgorod Republic) are related to this tower.
A road runs through the Kremlin, leading to the Alexander Nevsky Bridge, unites both Sophia and Trade sides. In the Kremlin are located the main expositions of the Novgorod Museum Reserve, restoration workshops, library, Art college, music school and philormonic society.
Walk around the “Sophia side”
Visit the St Sophia Cathedral, one of the oldest memorial buildings in Russia (1045-1050 AD). This cathedral is the only such preserved memorial, still in active service in Russia. It is devoted to the Holy Wisdom of God (in Greek “Sophia”), was founded by Grand Duke Yaroslav the Wise, his son Vladimir and Novgorodian Bishop Luke.
The original interior is partially preserved. One can see an 11th century image, which depicts Saints Constantine and Helena at the Martyrs’ porch. There is the “Znamenie” icon, a National Novgorodian relic; it is believed this icon had saved Novgorod from invasion by the Suzdalians in 1170.
There are not only some fragments of old frescos preserved, but Old Russian “graffiti inscriptions, scratched on medieval walls as well.
See the remains of an old earthwork preserved in the Sophia district of historic Novgorod. The museum of Fine Arts is situated here, in the building of the former Assembly of the Novgorod Nobility.
Than visit the Churches of St Vlasy (1407 AD) and The Twelve Apostles (1455 AD), which are located in the Southern district of historic Novgorod.
Visit the State Novgorod Art Museum, located in the building of the former Desyztinny cloister.
The St Theodore Stratilat Church (12 -14 cc), the Holy Spirit monastery (12 c) and the Zverin monastery (1148 AD) are located in the Northern part of historic Novgorod.
Walk around the old commercial district, where the architectural complex of the old Yaroslav’s court, a remarkable creation of ancient craftsmen, is situated.
The Putevoy Palace (1771 AD) of Catherine the Great is located on one side of the Alexander Nevsky bridge. The Yuriev monastery is on the opposite side of the bridge.
The Dostoevsky Drama Theatre, the Church of saints Boris and Gleb Church, the John the Theologian Church and the St Antony monastery are located hereabouts.
Visit the Yaroslav's Court and the Trade Mart, a place where there are situated old architectural memorials and the old downtown of the city. By the 16th century, there were 42 rows: bread row, fish row, leather row, silver row, icon row etc. There were also foreign “German” and “Gothic” inns situated here.
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