Vahsh Hotel

24, Rudaki str., Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The Vakhsh, the first hotel built in Dushanbe is an original historical place of interest in Dushanbe city. It was built early in the 40-s by architect A.E. Antonenko. One can easily recognize the Hotel building due to its bright red-colored façade and white stucco cornice. The hotel has only three floors. The Hotel room capacity is 165 persons, but today it was considerably decreased due to restoration work. However the Hotel provides with a full range of hotel services. The rooms are equipped with everything necessary for living but without any extravagances. Thereby the prices are quite reasonable there. The hotel services include a restaurant, café, laundry, beauty salon, Internet-café, exchange office. The rooms come with air-conditioners, refrigerators, TV sets and telephone.

Hotel services:

- restaurant
- café 
- barber shop 

- exchange office 
- Internet café 
- laundry

Room equipment:

- bathroom 
- shower 
- air conditioner 

- telephone
- refrigerator 
- cable television