Trekking tour around the Big Chimgan

Five days and Four nights: trekking tour around the Big Chimgan Mountain

Big ChimganThe Big Chimgan Mountain (3309 meters) is not the highest mountain peak in Uzbekistan, though it is very popular holiday destination, due to its location. Big Chimgan is located 80 km from Tashkent. In the winter the Big Chimgan mountain is the favorite place of skiers and snowboarders. In the spring, summer and early autumn it attracts mountaineers, trekkers and mountain amateurs. At the bottom of the mountain there are hotels, shops and rental centers. In order to appreciate all the beauty and majesty of the Big Chimgan, you should examine it from all sides. And when northwestern side of the mountain is visible at the bottom, southern and eastern slopes are accessible only to climbers and trekkers. 

Beldersay gorgeThe first day of the tour starts in Tashkent, from which a group of tourists, guides and service staff leave in the morning. In 2 hours you will reach the starting point of the tour, which is located close to the holiday camp of Beldersay on the height of 1600 meters. You will go upstream of so-called Marble river with several waterfalls, freshness and energy of which will invigorate you to get over the first obstacle, the Urta Kumbel pass (1820m.). Then there will be a nice, in comparison with climbing, descent to the Beldersay stream, where you will set up a first camp. Walking around the outskirts of the camping site before the sunset, you will see the peak of the Big Chimgan mountain.

Beldersay rangeThe second day will test your patience. First, after short climbing the Chet-Kumbel Pass (1850 m.) you will see a wonderful view of the Beldersay river bed and the Big Chimgan mountain at a distance, in the western slope of which the river originates. The road is constantly going up, toward the mountain, but the angle of elevation is very small, and climbing is easy enough. The main psychological difficulty is that you will see the mountain on the whole route and it always seems that it is so close, just about get to it. However, it does not become closer in an hour, and even in two hours. At least, in three hours after climbing you will reach the highest point of the Beldersay gorge – rock paintings, located at the height of 2450 m. Usually there is a lunch and after a short rest, you will descent to the Kumbel pass. At a short distance, in the small gorge there is the perfect place for overnight. Here you can watch a magnificent sunset, which charms with its beauty, and in an hour after a sunset you will admire the Milky Way, spread over the blackening mass of the Big Chimgan.

Eagle over the Tahta passThe third day at first may seem difficult, but thanks to straight sections of the road all members of the tour quickly restore power. When you reach the Tahta Pass, overlooking the Pulatkhan Plateau at a distance, you will forget about all your tiredness. Here, on the Tahta Pass (2620 m.) you can have a lunch, admiring the magnificent view of the Plateau, about which mountain guides say various legends. By the way, the Pulatkhan Plateau is almost inaccessible place, so-called natural fort, which has only one approach to the top and is surrounded by steeps. Then the route turns around and goes up the slope. An hour later you will enjoy the great view of southern slopes of the Big Chimgan mountain. The rest route runs along the slope, so it will be quickly and easy! Near the Kara-Archa river head you will find a perfect place for the camp with a view of the Pulatkhan Plateau.

Gulkam gorgeThe fourth day, perhaps, will be the most difficult day of the whole tour. At first it will be a short climb up the south-eastern range of the Chimgan mountain and then a long descent to the Gulkam gorge. This trek can take the whole day; you will lose 1000 meters in altitude. Throughout the descent you will see the Komsomolets pass, the mountain peak of Okhotnichiy (Hunter’s) with a height of 3099 meters, snowfields and the Charvak reservoir at a great distance. Also maybe you will meet wild goats or a shepherd staging post, which tend flocks of sheep, about thousand heads. Gradually, the trekking along grass slopes will take you to small but shady Juniper groves. A pine scent will give you strengths to reach the fourth camp near the Gulkamsay stream, located on the height of 1650 meters.

Gulkam CanyonThe fifth day is the easiest day of the tour, especially after the previous trekking. After breakfast there will be a small tour to the Gulkam canyon. Though it is not worth to descent there without safety equipment and ropes. After the Gulkam canyon you will climb the last pass on your way, the Pesochniy Pass (1820 m.) that overlooks the Chimgan village. After one-hour descent you will reach the minibus, awaiting you on the road, and in two hours you will be in your hotel.

So, generally, it is the tour around the Big Chimgan, no words will suffice to describe all the beauty of magnificent Uzbekistan mountains. They are not so high and severe as Pamir or Himalayas, but it is its advantage, because even an untrained man can manage with them. As well as  in Himalayas, here you can admire virgin nature of mountains, improve your health and get a lot of unforgettable impressions. Also we offer some easier and shorter tours around the Big Chimgan.

Big waterfall of the Marble river Small waterfall of the Marble river

Beldersay Valley and Big Chimgan peak at a distance

Big Chgimgan Sunset on the Kumbel Pass Alpine flowers