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Kuva Tours, Uzbekistan

Private Kuva Tours and Exclusive Trips

Kuva tours is a trip to the motherland of the great astronomer and mathematician al-Farghani. Here you will taste the most juicy and delicious fruits in Uzbekistan and walk around the archeological ancient town. Moreover, you will explore the Buddhist temple, where destroyed clay statues of Buddha were discovered. These evidences proved that Buddhism had been wide-spread on the territory of the Ferghana valley.

Uzbekistan Archaeological Tour: from Ferghana Valley to Kyzylkum desert

Discover Uzbekistan in 13-day tour across the entire country, where you will have excursions to ancient cities of the East and archaeological excavation points dating back to different historical epochs.

Tashkent, Fergana, Kuva, Margilan, Rishtan, Termez, Samarkand, Nurata Mountains, Bukhara, Paykent, Ayaz-Kala, Khiva, Urgench
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