Beldersay Ring-22 Days | Beldersay

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Tour is available from mid-April until mid-October.
Walking distance: ~18 km

The two-day mountain tour Beldersay Ring-2 is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of the Uzbekistan mountains, and at the same time to stay in comfortable hotel facilities, rather than in a pup tent. The Beldersay river natural boundary famous for its pistes is located 75 km from Tashkent, and the way there takes less than 2 hours. However, this mountainous region is popular not only in winter but also in summer, when it is possible to hike through passes, arrange picnics in the spacious meadows and admire the landscapes, with a gorgeous outline of Big Chimgan occupying the central part of it. On the Beldersay right bank, there rises a mountain, cut by a plate of hard granite rock. It is possible to see naked layers from the hostel, and hike them from the other side of the mountain. In the course of this tour you will have ascents and descents, waterfalls and waftage through small mountain rivers, and winding paths, stretching in small groves. In spite of the fact that the total length of the route is 7-8 km, the hike takes almost a whole day, however you will remember the impressions on it for long.

Tour itinerary:

Day 1: Tashkent – Beldersay
In the morning, depart to Chimgan Mountains (80 km, ~2 h.). You will be driving the road lying in picturesque surroundings full of local villages, gardens and streams. Check-in to Beldersay Hotel. After lunch, take 3 km long cableway in Beldersay gorge to Kumbel peak (2080 m) where the longest ski track has its start. Ascent the peak (2350 m, 45 min). Enjoy panoramic view of Chirchik River valley. If the sky is clear and the weather is fine you can even see Tashkent from the peak. Descent to hotel on a path along the ski track through bushes of wild hips (1800 m). Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2: Beldersay – Tashkent
Check-out from hotel after breakfast. Go down to Mramornaya river (Н=1500m), walk up the stream to the Urta Kumbel Pass. After 1,5 hour of quite pleasant walking we will reach a small birch grove, pictorially located on the bank of the mountain river. Short rest and we start 45 minutes long ascent to Urta-Kumbel Pass (1820 m above sea level). Ascent usually takes 30 min and we find ourselves in the saddle of the pass. What a great view! We can see the valley of Beldersay River, Chet-Kumbel Pass and the way, which leads to it. Flat descent will lead us to the small grove, located on the bank of Beldersay, where we will have lunch.
After lunch we will continue our walking and go up to the saddle of the Chet-Kumbel Pass (1850 m). The panoramic view from the pass allows us to see the Valley of Nurekata River and the top of Big Chimgan (3309 m). Having admired by the view we will start to go down to the Beldesay cable car station and the road where our minibus will be waiting for us (1550 m). Return to Tashkent.

Note: If adverse weather conditions occur, guides reserve the right to adjust the route in order to ensure the safety of tourists.
It will be more comfortable to trek with sunglasses, raincoat, climbing shoes, warm and protective clothes.

NB: this trip does not require any special gear, but during the tour you will have steep ascents and descents. If you have had any operations in the past or have life supporting devices/implants (like prosthetic cardiac valve) or have any health conditions (like asthma, high pressure), any special dietary requests or restrictions including vegetarian/vegan diet, please let us know.

  • Transportation to/from Beldersay resort;
  • Trekking with an experienced guide;
  • Lunch boxes during trekking;
  • Accommodation at the hotel Beldersay Oromgohi**** with breakfast.
  • Travel insurance.


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