Wine Tasting Tour to Chateau Hamkor1 Day | Chateau Hamkor, Sukok

Would you like to learn about the process of making wine, from growing grapes in the vineyards to getting the wine to the store shelves, and learn the secrets of real winemaking? If so, join us on a small group wine tour to the Chateau Hamkor vineyards and winery near Parkent, with wine tasting included!

On this one-day tour, you’ll take a walk through the vineyards, see the production process from harvesting to bottling, and taste the end-product. You also learn the tricks of the trade, such as when and how the decision is made to produce or white red wine.

The tour will be conducted by an experienced winemaker who trained in Italy and New Zealand.

The tasting includes five different wines, accompanied by cheeses.

Don’t miss the chance to escape from the bustle of the city, relax, and enjoy a gastronomic experience surrounded by beautiful scenery – contact us now to book your wine tour!


10:00 Depart from Tashkent city to the Parkent district of Tashkent region (70 km, 1 hour 10 minutes).

11:10 Discover the vineyards of the Chateau Hamkor estate. At this first stop on the tour, your guide will outline the history of winemaking in Uzbekistan and tell you about the grape varieties that grow here. The estate’s vineyards cover a total area of more than 400 hectares, and you’ll see the areas where Pinor Noir and Riesling grapes are grown. Take the opportunity to stroll through the vines and photograph the beautiful vineyard landscapes and the foothills of the Chatkal Ridge.

12:00 Learn about the wine production process. Drive to the Chateau Hamkor winery in the village of Namdanak (20 minutes). Since 1992, the winery has been using a “full-cycle” production process—that is, it carries out all tasks involved in wine-making, starting by growing its own grapes and ending up with transporting the finished bottles to its customers. You’ll see specialised equipment such as comb separators, containers for collecting separated grapes and juice, a unique cooling system, acratophores (apparatus for making sparkling wine), and much more. You’ll also see the bottling plant and a special cellar where some wines have been stored for over 10 years.

13:00 Taste the wines. In a special tasting room, where Gerard Depardieu himself once enjoyed a wine tasting session, the winemaker will explain what to look for when tasting and buying wine. You’ll then be offered tastings of five types of wine made at the winery. The wine will be accompanied by cheeses and traditional Parkent-style bread (flatbread baked with onions and nuts). After the wine tasting, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the wines you liked.

14:00 Drive from Chateau Hamkor winery to Sukok for lunch (not included in the tour price). You may wish to try the famous Parkent shashlik (meat kebabs)!

15:30 Depart for Tashkent

17:00 Arrive in Tashkent. End of the tour.

Tour cost: 320,000 UZS per person
Group size: from 4 to 12 people

We also offer the tour tailored to your time. Please contact us for a private tour request.

The tour price includes:

  • Travel in a comfortable minibus
  • Tasting of five types of wine (accompanied by snacks) with a certified sommelier
  • Guide services.


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