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Author: Moss Garde   |   Rating: 515 February 2021
A group of us travelled to the Chateau this past weekend. It was a fairly large group with seven different nationalities. The bus arrived on time, clean and new and we all boarded. On the trip we got a very interesting history lesson and stopped on the way to see the vines and enjoy the beautifil freash air of the Vinyard.

Our guides and driver were very knowlegable, friendly and professional and made us feel part of the family from the beginning.

The wine tasting was a great experience with a professional taster on hand to guide us through the experience in the cellar and we were not rushed through the experience, if fact they hosted us to perfection in this regard and I fear we overstayed our welcome. An excellent selection of wines, both white and red in a wonderful setting.

After the customary purchase of numerous bottles we headed off to a local village for an organised meal, again accompanied by an lovely selection of wine, we tasted the local foods and enjoyed friendly local company whilst being expertly minded. Sadly the day had to end and we were transported back to Tashkent with many promises of a return trip in June when the vinyard is blooming with grapes.....Thank you to the team for creating a wonderful day for us.

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