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“The Color in form”

Date: from 25-JUN-2013 to 22-SEP-2013
City: Yerevan
Harutyun Kalents’ art exhibition “The Color in form”

Venue: Gafeschyan Art Center
Address: Cascade Complex
Telephone: (+374 10) 541932, 541934

About the Harutyun Kalents’ art exhibition “The Color in form”:

From June 25 to September 22, 2013 the Gafeschyan Art Center will host the exhibition of the outstanding painter Harutyun Kalents. The exhibition, presenting a selection of artist’s works from the Kalents Museum collection is called "Color in the form."

Some art critics compare Kalents’ artistic talent with the gift of Picasso in the life-asserting force and beauty of works. However, the others consider his work an indigenous, deeply steeped with truly national motifs.

Along with the paintings, the exhibition presents a number of graphic works, which vividly demonstrates the Kalents’ creative “entrails”, his endless experiments with a form. In paintings, and in color, all these find different optics, different meaning, and set anther register of perception.

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