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Everything in Georgia speaks about its greatness and cultural wealth of ancient people. Numerous monuments - cult structures of the early Christianity, ancient churches and monasteries hiding in the Caucasian Mountains are silent witnesses to its rich history. The unique landscapes of this part of the world: high mountains, rapid rivers, green meadows, the turquoise sea … eloquently "speak" about the rich nature… The generosity of the inhabitants of Georgia has become in best expressed by the saying “the Georgian hospitality” which implies a noisy cheerful feast with endless toasts and rivers of magnificent Georgian wines.

Everything in Georgia is unique, original and exotic indeed. It is the country of highly developed culture which evolved like a colorful mosaic for centuries before it has turned into the national asset of the country and can be compared only with Georgian native land so treasured by its people – beautiful, rich, long-suffering but proud and independent.

Georgians are very much fond of their country calling it Sakartvelo and consider it the heavenly spot on the earth. To prove this they even created an amusing legend: “When the God divided the Earth among the people, Georgians were late because of their traditional feast, and by the moment of their arrival the entire world had already been divided. When the God asked them to what they had drunk Georgians just answered:”To you, oh Lord, to us, to peace”. The God liked their answer. So told them that although all lands were taken, he reserved a small plot for himself and now he decided to give it Georgians. According to the God the land was incomparable in its beauty and all people would admire and cherish it forever.”

And it did come true: the beauty of Georgia is impossible to describe but sing about it. So Georgians prefer singing about the beauty of their land in their original harmonious songs.

The landscapes of Georgia are a unique mixture of all four seasons. The mountain tops are sparkling with snow, the autumn fog with rain and snow reigns in the foothills, in the river valleys there are spring flowers and fruit trees, and finally, hot summer - among evergreen palm trees on the Black Sea shore. It is not surprising that the fertile Georgian land inspired such great Russian classic writers and poets as Pushkin, Lermontov, Tolstoy and many others.

The beauty of Georgian nature, the purest air, the unique coniferous forests, the beautiful mountain lakes, the Alpine meadows and healing mineral springs; sacred places – the unique monuments of early Christian culture, numerous resorts known all over the world – Batumi, Tskhaltubo, Sukhumi, Borzhomi, Gagra and many other things attract tourist from around the globe. All in all there are about 300 mountain, seaside, balneal and healing mud resorts in Georgia.

Georgia possesses a huge tourist potential. Just think about it – in the 1980s there came up to 4-5 million people a year! After the country gained its independence this figure was considerably reduced. It was connected with the political instability in the country. But today the troubles are over and Georgia is again opened for tourists and travelers from all over the world. The popularity of this destination is rapidly increasing and he projected number of visitors coming there will soon reach one million tourists per year.

10 Great Things to Do and See in Georgia

Cities of Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

 Tbilisi, Georgia In 2008 Tbilisi is going to celebrate its 1550-year-old anniversary. It means that the history of this amazing city throws back as far as the 5 th century when the Georgian tsar Vakhtang Gorgasali ordered to build a city in the centre of the fertile valley cozily lying between two Caucasian ridges. The city's name was not incidental. It originated from the word “tbili” - warm. In fact the plain between Mount Sololaki and Metekhi cliff, where the city is situated, is rich in warm sulfuric springs.
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Kutaisi, Georgia

 Kutaisi, Georgia

Formerly it was the ancient capital of Colchis and Imeretia kingdoms. Today it is the second largest and significant city in Georgia . Kutaisi is located in the Rioni river valley on Colchis lowland. The river Rioni is mentioned in the myths of the Golden Fleece for a reason: local residents used to extract old there. They put their sheep skins across the flow and waited for a few hours and then combed out gold dust from them. The symbol of a sheep skin covered with gold was later named the Golden Fleece.
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Rustavi, Georgia

 Rustavi, Georgia

Rustavi is one of the youngest cities of Georgia . The official year of Rustavi 's birth is 1948 when it received the city status. Before that in Gabardan steppe on the bank of the Kura river there was a settlement which emerged there due to the fact of construction of large metallurgical plant (1941. In days of the Soviet epoch Rustavi was the largest center of heavy industry, chemistry and machine-building. Today Rustavi is the fourth largest city in Georgia . A number of industrial enterprises is still active there. Its central streets are very busy thanks to the variety of shops, restaurants and cafes.
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Batumi, Georgia

 Batumi, Georgia

The sunny Batumi personifies all the charm of a southern city and a sea resort. It is located on the Black Sea coast and is exquisitely framed by exotic subtropical flora. Palm trees, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, bamboo trees, laurels, lemon and orange trees, thuyas and box trees spread their sweet fragrance literally everywhere. Batumi is located in a convenient natural Black Sea bay and is an important seaport for entire Georgia. The romantic picture of ships departure from the harbor is better seen from Batumi Quay. Batumi citizens name this place Seaside Park-Boulevard.
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