Advantour Scheduled Uzbekistan Tours 2015
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Silk Road Tours
2015 Scheduled Tours

Guaranteed Departure

Price: $840
Duration: 8 days, details

Silk Road Destinations

Discover ancient Silk Road destinations of the Central Asia and South Caucasus with private custom-made tours. Follow the footsteps of the caravans that travelled between East and West delivering goods.

Coordinated teamwork of our professionals and reliable local partners enables us to provide you with personal assistance in arranging an unforgettable journey through countries that once flourished on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road, an amazing area you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

Vacation in Uzbekistan
Vacation in Uzbekistan

Vacation in Kazakhstan
Vacation in Kazakhstan

Vacation in Georgia
Vacation in Georgia

Uzbekistan Tour 2
Tour in Uzbekistan
Tour in Central Asia 4
Tour in Central Asia
Tour in Samarkand
Tour in Samarkand

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