Geography of Georgia - Climate

 Climate of Georgia Georgia is famous for its favorable mild climate attracting tourists there practically all year long. The mildness and humidity of subtropics reins in the western part closer to the Black Sea . The summers are humid and warm with average temperatures in July +22+ 24C . The winters there are mild too with average temperatures in January -4- 7C . In the west there is considerable quantity of precipitations (maximum in Adzharia ), most of them in the spring.

In eastern areas of Georgia the climate changes from subtropical to moderate. If you travel from Colchis lowland to the Iberia hollow, you'll feel the air getting cooler. Average January

On the mountains slopes of Georgia average temperatures of July go as low as +4+6 С , in the high mountains average temperatures of January can reach -10-16C.

The weather in the mountains is often changeable. Sudden cold snaps are accompanied by strong snowfalls, downpours, and hails.