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People of Azerbaijan

People of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijanians are a people of Turkic origin, which is the titular ethnic group and  basic population of Azerbaijan - 91% (7,205 million people) and also are the substantial part of the population of Iran (16,564 million people), Georgia (267,5 thousand people), Russia (621,8 thousand people), including in Dagestan (111,6 thousand people). The total number of representatives of this ethnic group in the world counts more than 24 million people.

The beginning of the Azerbaijani ethnos’ formation is connected with the intrusion of the Turkic peoples into East Transcaucasia that led to the adaptation of the Turkic culture among the substantial part of the local population in the I – III centuries. The process of formation of the Azerbaijanians involved in participation Iranian peoples, Caucasian Albanians as well as other Caucasian-speaking peoples. The formation of the Azerbaijani people was completed essentially in the XV - XVI centuries, in the epoch of the of Sefevid dynasty rule. By this time, the Turks and Azeris have already had certain ethnic boundaries, however different groups of Azeri Turks still existed until the XX century.

For many years, traditional occupations of the Azerbaijani people were carpet weaving, jewelry manufacturing, processing of wood and stone. Many of these craft traditions passed on from one generation to another and extant to this day. Also the Azerbaijanians, like many other peoples of the Caucasus, are skilled farmers and gardeners, they were engaged in the cultivation of grapes, cotton, sericulture, as well as the cultivation of grain crops - wheat, barley and rice.

The name "Azerbaijanians" emerged relatively not so long ago, namely in 1930, this is connected with the fact that historically the Turkic population of the Caucasus and Iranian Azerbaijan called themselves Turks. After the South Caucasus became a part of Russia Empire, the Russian administration, which is usually called all Turkic peoples the Tatars, began to name Azerbaijanians, Azerbaijanian Tatars, in order to distinguish them from other Turkic peoples, and later this form simply transformed into Azerbaijanians.

In our time, the majority of Azerbaijanians live in the cities and no longer conduct a semi-nomadic way of life. However, despite the processes of globalization and modernization which influenced the culture and traditions of many nations, eroding national features, the Azerbaijanis were able to preserve their identity and cultural values. For example, the inherent to Azerbaijanians hospitality is widely known throughout the world, as this ancient tradition remains invariable for centuries. The old forms of national dress only partially replaced by modern ones and retain among women in rural areas. There are also customs and traditions that still exist in the everyday life of Azerbaijanians. Man is the head of the family and the rightful owner of all property, except for the dowry of the wife. Children are brought up in the atmosphere of respect and subjection to adults and especially father as well as all male eldests in the family. A wife is also in some subordinate to her husband, mother in law and other elder women in the house of her husband.
Today, like many years ago folklore, literature, visual arts, architecture and musical arts play an important role in the daily live of people.

This is the evidence that the Azerbaijani people are remarkably talented, and for many centuries of their existence, they managed to creat a colorful and distinctive culture, which is of great interest to travelers from all over the world. Do not miss the chance to get acquainted with all the beauty and colors of this wonderful people!

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