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Quba, Azerbaijan

Quba, Azerbaijan Quba - one of the largest cities in Azerbaijan.The city is located 170 km to the north of Baku right on the picturesque hillsides. In the past it was the capital of Quba khanate which was founded in the mid 18th century.

The unsurpassed beauty of the local mountains was praised by such famous people as Alexander Duma-father, the Russian writer Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, the Norwegian traveler Tor Heerdal and others. 

Indeed, the sceneries of Quba are hard to describe with words. It seems the nature has collected there the brightest colors: juicy greens of the alpine meadows, white snow caps, rapid transparent-blue mountain rivers. Worth visiting are the famous Afurdzhin Waterfall and Tenghi Canyon.

The notorius architectural landmarks are Dzhuma Mosque (19th century), Sakina-Khanum Mosque, Zoroastrian Temple in Khinalug village, the octagonal mausoleum in Agbil village (16th century), Tengialtyn fortress etc.

The symbols of Quba are apple orchards and beautiful Quba carpets which are popular far outside Azerbaijan.

Quba, Azerbaijan - Sightseeing:

Chirag-Kala Fortress
Dzhuma Mosque
Gilgilchay Fortress
Khinalug Village
Mausoleums of Agbil
Sakina-Khanum Mosque
Sheikh Juneid Mausoleum
Sheikh Yusif Mausoleum
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