Amazing Nature of Georgia

Nature of Georgia

Nature of Georgia – the Country of Fairy Tale Landscapes and Balneological Resorts

It is situated on a flat land along the Black Sea coast between the ridges of the Major Caucasus in the north and the Minor Caucasus in the south. The mountains occupy two thirds of Georgia.In the west of the country lies the Colchis lowland. Georgia 's east is the fertile plains with historical areas Imeretia, Kartli and Kakhetia.

Nearly third of the area of the country is occupied with woods. They are concentrated mainly in the mountains. In the west of Georgia they go down to the sea and in the east grow in the foothills. The woods of the Black Sea coast are especially rich and varied. There you can see subalpine and Alpine meadows, magnificent variety of herbs. The relic pines are frequent there too.

The river system of Georgia comprises nearly 25 thousand rivers. They are fed mainly by thawed snow and glacial waters, underground waters and atmospheric precipitations. The longest river, Kura (in Georgian language Mktvari) is 1364 km.

The fauna of woods is the richest. In many areas you can meet the Caucasian deer, the roebuck, the wild boar, the hare, the squirrel, the brown bear, the wolf, the jackal, the badger, the lynx, and the fox. The high-mountain fauna is better preserved in the Major Caucasus. The Kuban wild ox lives in its western part, the Dagestan one – in the eastern are. The chamois is very numerous, and in the east you can meet the bezoar goat.

Over 2 thousand mineral and thermal springs, also deposits of therapeutic muds are situated in Georgia. A lot of popular balneological resorts are supplemented near them.