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National Museum of Georgia

The spacious strict building is stylized to fit old Georgian architecture. Before, it was the building of the Caucasian Museum (from 1825). The museum is a unique depositary of Caucasian culture artifacts. The museum's gem – the Gold Fund contains the finds of excavations on Trialeti barrow (the 2 nd century BC). Golden and silver vessels, ceramics are collected in the fund. The gold cup decorated with jewels and a geometrical pattern gained popularity all over the world. The museum collection contains jewelry of the 5 th – 4 th centuries BC, numerous coins and weapons of Near East countries, handicraftsmen products - fabrics, carpets, clothes, magnificent woodcarving.


Anchiskhati Church
Betania Monastery
Georgian Fine Arts Museum
Georgian Museum of Folk Architecture
Lake Turtle
Melik-Azarjants House (Tiflis Arcade)
Metekhi Temple
Mount Mtatsminda
Museum of Ethnography
Narikala Fortress
National Museum of Georgia
Rezo Gabriadze Theatre
Russian Drama Theater named after Griboedov
Rustaveli Movie Theater
Sameba Cathedral
Shota Rustaveli Theater
Sioni Cathedral
St .George Temple (Kashueti)
Suhoy Most Flea Market
Tbilisi Botanical Garden
Tbilisi Sulfuric Baths
The Government House
Vorontsov's Palace
Z.Paliashvili Opera and Ballet Theatre
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