Kyrgyzstan Tourism

Explore the Country of the Tien Shan

Trekking in KyrgyzstanThe Kyrgyz land is characterized by snowy peaks, alpine meadows and grasslands wrapped with the fragrances of plants and flowers, heavy mountain rivers and serene lakes, like mirrors artfully scattered among the mountain tops. Kyrgyzstan tourism introduces you to a country with ancient history and wild nature, to a place where you can experience off the beaten track journey that will gift lifetime memories.

Despite its small sizes, Kyrgyzstan is the peak of the Eurasian continent, combining the cultures of the west and the east, Christian Russia, Islamic Asia and Buddhist China. Kyrgyzstan is one of the highest places on the planet, there are three mountains over 7000 meters high in such a small area. To experience the shift of climatic zones, you should simply go climbing. Here you will find coniferous forests, tundra vegetation and even arctic plateau landscape of unearthly beauty.

Climbing in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan is a paradise for those who cannot imagine their lives without the mountains. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan give unique opportunities for extreme sports. In addition to hiking and climbing, Kyrgyzstan is alluring for big fans of rafting. Kyrgyzstan is one of the most suitable places for this sport. In addition, extreme sports enthusiasts will have an opportunity to master downhill skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and mountain board. Particularly courageous can try a sail-plane, glider or parachute jumping.

Those who prefer a slower pace, should not worry either. Kyrgyzstan tourism paves the way to the perfect places for those who want to escape from civilization. It offers over two thousand mountain lakes which shores are sometimes used by nomadic herders as pasture for yaks and horses. There, in solitude, among the fantastic and unspoiled beauty, you can feel the perfect harmony with nature, travel back in time and find yourself in times of the world’s creation, to feel the first and only person in the whole world.

But the main wealth of Kyrgyzstan is truly a lake of Issyk-Kul, one of the largest and deepest mountain lakes in the world, second large after only South American Lake Titicaca. Issyk-Kul is often mistakenly called a sea. Issyk-Kul is a salt lake, fascinating with its beauty. For many years, the northern shore of the lake has been famous with its sanatorium, rest homes and resorts. Cholpon-Ata, a center of the northern coast, is pleased to offer its tourists sand beaches. The modern Kyrgyzstan is a very ancient land. According to scientists, one of the centres of human civilization genesis was here. However, the golden age of development of these sites concurred with the era of the legendary Silk Road that ran on this territory connecting China and the capital of the Roman Empire.

And today, Kyrgyzstan is a major habitant of thousands of tourists willing to travel along the ancient Silk Road, which many centuries ago served as a bridge between East and West.