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According to state laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the entry to the country is regulated by visa regime. The citizens of Russia and the CIS countries enjoy a visa-free entry. Particularly, the Russian citizens need a foreign passport in order to visit Azerbaijan. Citizens of other countries are requested to obtain entry visa.

Visa Type

There are several types of Azerbaijan visas: tourist, transit, study, humanitarian, business, and visitor. To apply for a tourist visa, you can either contact embassy of Azerbaijan in your country or apply online using Advantour Azerbaijan e-visa service.

If you apply at the embassy, a list of required documents and time of visa issuance depends on the visa type; however the main document is an Invitation from Azerbaijan sent through the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. To obtain tourist visa it is necessary to submit a confirmation from a travel agency and reservation from a hotel, where a tourist intends to stay. For the transit visa it is necessary to submit copies of air or train tickets. The tourist visa is processed within 5-10 days, the transit - within 1 day.

Azerbaijan e-visa

Alternative to obtaining visa through an embassy, there is a quick and easy option of applying for electronic visa directly via a travel agency. When issued, this type of visa is emailed to an applicant as PDF. No additional visit to Azerbaijan embassy for paper visa is required. Advantour offers e-visas free of charge as a part of a tour package or for price of $100 if taken as a separate service.

Apply for Azerbaijan e-visa

To request e-visa form, please click here.
As soon as your e-visa request is received, we will get back to you. Please, be ready to provide us with the following documents:
- Passport scan (passports should be valid for at least 6 months from the last day of the tour)
- Colour photo
- E-ticket to Azerbaijan (if you arrive by plane)
- Hotel booking confirmation

E-visas are usually processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan during one week.
All foreign citizens arriving for the period over 9 days also must obtain registration in Passport Registration Department.

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