Tours to China

Tours to China

China is a huge country with unlimited number of historical, cultural and natural sights. Even a year won’t be enough to see it all, though it is still possible to learn its main touristic centers.

China is the starting point of the Great Silk Road. It was the point where big caravans loaded with silk, spices, porcelain, metal and wood would leave from.

The Road was going along the valleys and deserts, later in the west of the country, in the Eastern Turkestan, through snow-capped mountains proceeded to Central Asia.

The last cities in the Chinese part of the Silk Road were the cities of Kashgar and Urumqi, that are even today the largest trading knots in the west of China.

We offer you tours to China, that will introduce you to the culture and history of this wonderful country at the same time take you through the roads of caravans where you will feel yourself a real traveler stepping the tracks of the millennia-long history.

Welcome to China – the Celestial Empire!



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