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Qujiang ruins park

If you happen to come to China you must visit Qujiang ruins park. This magnificent park with a lake was laid out under the Han Qujiang dynasty, by the architect Zhang Jin Qui’s project. Its territory totals 1,500 acres. Qujiang ruins park is not only a favorite resting place of the Xian residents, but also a depository of the city’s ancient history and culture. 

Under the Tang dynasty, it was a picturesque, but wild indigenous corner in the south-western part of Chang’an (modern Xian). Later, following the construction of an emperor’s palace there, it was developed into a recreation park.

Today, the park is decorated with statues and compositions of scenes from life of the society under Tang dynasty. The alleys, grounds, hills and even lake watery waste in the park are decorated with stone and bronze sculptures and statues.

Xian (Sian)

Afang Palace
Bell Tower
Big Goose Pagoda
Drum Tower
Forest of Stone Steles
Green Dragon Temple
Huaqing Hot Springs
Lishan Forest Park
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Maoling Tomb
Qin Shi Huang's tomb
Qujiang ruins park
Shaanxi History Museum
Small Goose Pagoda
Temple of the Eight Immortals
Terracotta Army
Xian City Wall
Xian Mosque
Yanling Mausoleum
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