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Tajikistan Travel Sights

Tajikistan Travel Sights - What to See

Tajikistan travel sights are primarily its 2,500-year-old cities, the unique ancient monuments which have survived on its territory, the samples of ancient architecture as well as surprising beauty of the nature: reserves, the highest mountains, snow-white glaciers, green blossoming fertile valleys.

Tajikistan Travel - Mountaineering in Tajikistan

Tajikistan travel It is the most natural kind of active vacation in the country, 90% of which is occupied with high mount ains. Annually groups of climbers conquer little-known tops. Climbers receive the spiciest impressions from ascent s in the mount ains of Karavshin. Conque ring the steep granite rocks cut by vertical cracks brings indelible emotions due to maxim um adrenaline rush. The more difficulties there are the sweeter the victory is. The same can be said about Turkestan Ridge. This is a dream of true romantics since the ridge is practically impregnable. The only way to reach it is by helicopter.

Not less popular is trekking in Tajikistan. What is more tempting than a fascinating walk around picturesque places of a remote district, exploration of gaping precipices, gorges and passes as well as wild life patches.

Pamir Mountan Range
Fan Mountains
Mountain District Karavshin

Tajikistan Travel - Cities to Travel in Tajikistan

Kurgan Tube
12 km to the northeast of the city - the remains of Buddhist monastery (7th - 8th centuries) (sanctuaries, cells, sculptures, wall paintings).

Major cultural center Sogda (6th - 8th centuries). The ancient pre-Muslim settlement with the remains of fortifications, temples, dwelling houses, sculptures as well as the monuments of the Stone Age: Aktanga canopy (neolith); Sarazm village (Bronze Age).

Botanical garden at 2,320 m above the sea level.

Hissar, Ura-Tube, Khujand
- ancient mosques, minarets, mausoleums of Muslim times, some ancient fortresses and ruins. The remains of ancient fortresses in the vicinities of Ishkashim and other places along the Panj river.

Chil'dukhtaron Valley
Tajikistan travelIn the south of Tajikistan there is the most ancient landmark which is poetically named Chil'dukhtaron (the Valley of Forty Girls). According to the legend the 40 boulders standing one after another used to be 40 pretty girls. But when the cruel invaders came there with the intention to make the girls their concubines, the girls begged the Allah to turn them into silent stones. Since then the valley has became one of the most interesting places of interest in Tajikistan and local residents piously believing in the legend decorate their self-denying stone "sisters" with bands and flowers each spring.

Nature - Sites to Travel in Tajikistan

  • The highest mounts of the Pamir, including the Peak of Ismail Samani (Peak of Communism (7,495 m) are great places for mountaineering experts.
  • High-Mountain Murghab Center - located over 3,500 m above the sea level.
  • High-Mountain Lake Karakul lies over 3,900 m above the sea level near Osh-Khorugh route.
    High-Mountain Lake Sarez, formed in the beginning of the last century as a result of the earthquake in the center of Gorno-Badakshan.
  • Hot springs near Garm (Garm-Chashma)
  • Reserves "Zeravshan", "Iskandarkul", "Kushavlisoi", natural boundaries: Archamaidan, Rosrovut, "Stone Pillars", Zindon gorge.

Tajikistan Travel - Petroglyphs in Tajikistan

Pamir area is the richest in rock drawings in Tajikistan. In total the archeologists have found more than 50 places. The most known are those nearby Ishkashim village. Some drawings are at the height of 3,200-3,300 m above the sea level.

The drawings are either chipped out on the surfaces of granite rocks by means of a stone or scratched with a knife (the later ones).

The scenes basically depict hunting mountain goats, yaks, deer - the running hunters with bows and dogs.

The average size of the drawings is 10-20 cm in length. The largest of them is 80 cm, the smallest - 6 cm.
Very often petroglyphs show the images of rhubobs, the favorite musical instrument of local residents. All in all thereу have been found about 300 of them. Nowhere else are there so many of those. The reason is probably the national folklore of Pamir people where rhubob was a personification of a human being.

30 km from Khorog in the end of the mountain gorge there is Vybist Dara area also famous for its collection of petroglyphs. There have been discovered four groups of rock drawings. Unlike the majority of hunting drawings found in Pamir the ones found in Vybist Dara show humans and ornaments.

The most ancient group of the drawings is dated the second half of 1,000 B.C. A lot of petroglyphs are in the Eastern Pamir near the remains of Bazar-Dara, the ancient city of miners. "Chipped out" there are the images of two-wheeled horsed chariots, mountain goats, an archer dressed in a peaked cap. The images are dated the Bronze Age.

Reserves to Travel in Tajikistan

Travel in Tajikistan Tajik National Park

It is one of the most surprising corners of the world. There in uniform scenery merge severe mountains and green valleys, raging mountain streams and crystal-clear lakes, alpine meadows and mountains. The flora there is rich and unique. But besides remarkable flora the park has the rich fauna including very rare endangered species. Some National Park corners have preserved primeval natural beauty. Snow leopards, bears, argali, wild mountain goats, marmots and other rare animals and birds of prey have found their home there. It is their own world and they feel themselves comfortable. So do all visitors of the park; having experienced the natural harmony reigning there they simply do not want to leave its territory.

Ramitsky Reserve

It is located 70 kilometers northeast of Dushanbe. For wild life fans this place is just what they need. The place near the reserve in the Sardaimien and Sorbo interfluve is also unique and interesting. Very few people know about it and tourists rarely visit it. But if you manage to get to this heavenly sunny spot with dark blue transparent rivers, mountain woods, bright sub alpine flowers, waterfalls, snowfields, little-known passes you can might consider yourselves extremely lucky.

Tajikistan Travel - Nurek Hydroelectric Power Station and its water basin

The largest Central Asian hydroelectric power station included into the top 30 most powerful hydro stations of the world was entered into the book of Guinness Records as having the highest dam in the world. It is located on the Vakhsh, one of the greatest rivers of the region, 75 km from Dushanbe. The area of the water basin is 98 sq. km. A boat trip on the Nurek water basin will give you an unforgettable opportunity to admire the magnificent mountain scenery with the man-made miracle in the middle of it.

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