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Kukeldash Madrassah


Single -$45
Double -$65
Siyavush Hotel

Kukeldash Madrassah: the largest madrassah of Bukhara

Kukeldash Madrassah, Bukhara, UzbekistanKukeldash Madrassah of XVI century is the earliest building of the Lyabi Khauz Ensemble. It was buiult during the reign of the Sheybanids dynasty in Bukhara.

This madrassah is the largest madrassah of the city (80 x 60 meters). The madrassah has over 130 hujras, where lived and studied more than 320 students. It became the symbol of  powerful state under leading of Abdulla-khan.

It is a two-storied building with a large mosaic portal at the entrance, decorated with deep arched nishes, flanked on the corners by elegant columns of translucent green onyx. The interior decoration is the perfect example of "white interior".

Now the madrassah is under reconstruction.

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Lyabi House

Single -$60
Double -$80
Lyabi House Hotel
Lyabi House hotel is ideally located in the old and enchanting part of Bukhara, very close to the Lyabi House complex.