Uzbekistan festivals 2017

Festivals in Uzbekistan are bright theatrical shows of historical events and national holidays. They demonstrate Uzbek culture and traditions, preserved from the past and carefully passed from generation to generation. During the festivals in Uzbekistan there are arranged lot of cheerful street festivities and bazaars, where you can buy interesting souvenirs made by local craftsmen. Here you will find live performances with folk songs, interesting shows of puppeteers and rope-walkers, as well as demonstration of ancient customs, and tasting of the most famous Uzbek dishes.

Schedule of Uzbekistan turism festivals and events in 2017

Name of the event Date Venue
Silk & Spices To be announced soon Bukhara 
Taste of the Silk Road To be announced soon NEC UzExpoCenter, Tashkent
Uzbek Plov Festival To be announced soon Lyabi-Khauz, Bukhara