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Uzbekistan Photos

Photo Gallery of Uzbekistan: ancient cities and architectural monuments

Photos of Uzbekistan - Bukhara

Kalyan Mosque, Bukhara
Kalyan Mosque

Ismail Samany Mausoleum, Bukhara
Ismail Samany Mausoleum

Artisans Development Center, Bukhara
Artisans Development Center

Photogallery of Bukhara

Photos of Uzbekistan -Samarkand

Bibi Khanum Mosque, Samarkand
Bibi Khanum Mosque

Shahi Zinda, Samarkand
Shahi Zinda

Guri Emir, Samarkand
Guri Emir

Photogallery of Samarkand

Photos of Uzbekistan - Khiva

Kalta Minor, Khiva
Kalta Minor

Juma Mosque, Khiva
Juma Mosque

Ichon Qala, Khiva
Ichon Qala

Photogallery of Khiva

Photos of Uzbekistan - Tashkent

Alisher Navoi Theater, Tashkent
Alisher Navoi Theater

Mausoleum Kaffal Shashi, Hast Imam complex, Tashkent
Mausoleum Kaffal Shashi

Tashkent Chimes
Tashkent Chimes

Photogallery of Tashkent

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