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Uzbek tea and Uzbek tea traditions

Tea traditions of Uzbekistan

Tea - main drink in UzbekistanTea is the main drink in Uzbekistan. Any meal starts with Uzbek tea and ends with it.The most popular is green tea (kuk-choy). Black tea (kora-choy) is most popular in Tashkent.

Generally, Uzbek tea is taken without sugar. Uzbek tea with sugar has its own name - kand-choy. Frequently various herbals and spices are added to Uzbek tea. In Karakalpakstan people drink tea, both black and green, with milk.

Uzbek tea, as a ceremony, is one of the most wonderful oriental traditions. In any house a guest will be offered a piala (cup) of tea. Green tea is also the sign of hospitality. Beautiful traditions of tea drinking exist not only in China. Uzbek tea drinking also has its own peculiarities and canons.

Uzbek Black Tea - favorite drink of Uzbekistan Uzbek Black Tea - favorite drink of Uzbekistan Uzbek Green Tea - favorite drink of Uzbekistan

Brew should be put in warm teapot. Then teapot is filled with boiled water up to half and is held over steam. After the teapot is filled up to ¾ of volume and in 2-3 minutes up to the brim.

The hospitable host brews himself, pours in piala and gives to guests. Traditionally: the more guest is esteemed, the less tea is poured in his piala.

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