Azerbaijani Pilaus

Variety of pilaffs in Azerbaijani cuisine

Azerbaijani pilaffs - Khan pilaffAzerbaijani cuisine boasts a vide variety of pilaus. The basic ingredients are rice and oil, but meat sometimes is replaced with vegetables, greens, eggs and even fruit.

“Parcha-Doshamya” Pilau

Big chunks of mutton are fried. Browned onion, fruits, chestnuts, caraway seeds are added and stewed until ready. Rice, fruits, chestnuts are added separately. Seasoned with oil and cinnamon.

Shyuiud Pilau

Pilau is cooked in traditional way, mixed with chopped dill. Omelet is made of eggs and milk and cut into diamond-shaped pieces. Omelet pieces are put on pilau with dill. Seasoned with oil.

Toyug Pilau

Chicken pilau with fruits, caraway seeds, and other spices.

Chykhyrtma Pilau

Chicken pilau with lemons, saffron and whipped eggs.

Shashandaz Pilau

Pilau with fried eggs, and cinnamon.

Gyimya - Pilau

Minced mutton is fried in oil. Cornel and seedless grapes, boiled and cleaned chestnuts are added. The resulting mixture ( gyimya) is cooked until ready . Rice is served separately to garnish gyimya. Seasoned with oil and cinnamon.

Khamdoshama PIlau

Pilau with dried fruits.

Lobia-Chilov Pilau

Pilau from beans and seedless grapes


Pilau with, walnuts, pomegranate, cinnamon.


Fruits are stewed with sugar. Rice is used for making pilau. Fruits are mixed with pilau and steamed until ready. When served first rice is put on a plate mound-like, fruits are put on its top.